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FAQs for School Counselors


Learn the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding UW-Eau Claire's new processes and application requirements, including a UWEC-specific application, self-reported ACT/SAT scores, and unofficial initial high school transcripts.

What are the new application requirements for UW-Eau Claire and UWEC – Barron County?

Your students will be able to submit unofficial documents and scores, which we hope can be accessed by the student. A complete application will require the following:

  • Completed UWEC-specific or UW System online application.
  • Self-reported ACT/SAT test score. (Official test score will be required at a later date.)
  • Unofficial initial high school transcript. (Official final transcripts will be required.)
  • $50 application fee or fee waiver (which can be submitted in advance).

Do I need to provide the student with an unofficial copy of their high school transcript?

No, if the student has access to an unofficial copy of their transcript within the student information system, and the student is able to access and save the document, they can submit the PDF copy themselves.

What if my student is not able to access an unofficial copy of their high school transcript? How should the transcript be sent instead?

If the student cannot access their unofficial copy of their transcript, then your school will need to provide an official copy of the student’s transcript. The official copy must be sent through a secured delivery service (Parchment, Naviance, Career Cruising/Credentials, etc.) or through US Postal Mail. We will not accept faxed or emailed transcripts from the school or from the student.

Will my student ever need to send an official copy of their high school transcript?

Yes, students that are offered admission and confirm their enrollment will need to provide a final official copy of their high school transcript from the school by July 1.

Can I submit test scores for a student on their high school transcripts?

No, students will have the opportunity to manually enter their test scores as part of the application process. We will notify students of how to self-report their test scores. If test scores are included on the transcript, they will not be considered in the review of the application.

Does my student need to send their official test scores directly from the testing agency?

Yes, students that confirm their enrollment will also need to provide us with their official test scores. This needs to be received prior to the student registering for their new student orientation date in spring. Unless there is a financial hardship, all official test scores must be sent to our institution directly from the testing agency. We recommend that if a student is strongly considering attending UW-Eau Claire or UW-Eau Claire — Barron County, they list our institution as one of their 4 schools ACT and SAT will send their scores to free of charge.

What do I need to do to help my students who want to apply?

We do NOT expect you to put in extra work over the summer to send in transcripts for students. Your students will be able to complete their application on their own. Initial unofficial high school transcripts can come from the student’s personal, online account and be attached as a PDF to the application, or you can provide a copy of the unofficial transcript once final, junior-year grades are posted. The students will NOT be able to email or fax this information to UW-Eau Claire. ACT and SAT scores will be entered manually from the test score report by the student in the application.

What is the UWEC-specific application, and how is it different from the current application?

This is a new application platform that will allow students an early opportunity to apply to UW-Eau Claire and/or UWEC – Barron County and receive a decision letter. The application will ask the same questions as the current UW System application, but will also allow students to upload an unofficial copy of their high school transcript and self-report their ACT/SAT score. Students who submit this application will not need to complete an additional UW System application for UW-Eau Claire.

Note: Because this application is only for UWEC students, any students who are interested in apply to multiple UW campuses may still want to consider using the UW System application instead, which will open on August 1. The option to self-report test scores and upload an unofficial initial high school transcript will still be available for students who apply using the UW System application: Students will be provided with a link after they submit their application and activate their UWEC account.

Will my student be disadvantaged if they aren't able to attend an"Apply in July" event or choose to wait until later in the fall to apply?

No, the "Apply in July" events are an open-house opportunity for us to help students who choose to attend complete their applications. We want the students to feel comfortable and confident when they hit the submit button on their application! We will be available to answer any questions they have about the application process and/or general questions about UW-Eau Claire. December 1 will still remain our priority application deadline, so all applications received July-November will receive the same consideration.

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