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We can't wait to meet you!

We want to make coming to UW-Eau Claire an easy and convenient experience for you. No matter what kind of future Blugold you are, we can help you with your questions and needs. Find out more about our counselors and feel free to contact them through the information below.

  • Katy Braunsky
    Katy Braunsky, M.S. (she/her/hers)

    Admissions Counselor | Campus Visit Coordinator

    Works primarily with first-year students from Northcentral Wisconsin

    "Encouraging students to create and fulfill their personal and academic goals at UW-Eau Claire brings me so much joy. I'm thrilled to work in a role where I can support students throughout their college journey, allowing them to discover who they will ultimately become through the opportunities provided at UWEC."

  • Noah Druckrey
    Noah Druckrey Alum

    Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with first-year students from the Chippewa Valley and Southern Minnesota

    “It is a privilege for me to show students the opportunities available to them at UW-Eau Claire. I am always excited to bring them somewhere where lifelong friendships, a supportive academic community, and a blueprint for their personal and professional success are waiting for them.”

  • Julie Katzer
    Julie Katzer, B.B.A (she/her/hers) Alum

    Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with first-year students from states other than Wisconsin and Minnesota

    "UW-Eau Claire became my 'home away from home' during my time as a student. It brings me great joy to share my continued passion for the university with future generations and encourage them to discover all this campus has to offer. I am excited to help students find their place here at UWEC!"

  • Professional portrait of Jenna Kaiser
    Jenna Kaiser (she/her/hers) Alum
    Admissions | UW-Eau Claire – Barron County

    Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with students interested in UWEC – Barron County and first-year students from Northwest Wisconsin or Northern Minnesota

    “It is a joy to see students take steps towards their personal and professional goals as they discover the possibilities that await them at UW-Eau Claire and UW-Eau Claire – Barron County!”

  • Ian McIntyre
    Ian McIntyre (they/him) Alum

    Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with first-year students from Southcentral Wisconsin

    “Finding a University is so personal; I am so privileged to be apart of so many peoples’ journey. I hope to create a safe space for students to able to ask those hard questions so they know that UWEC is a great choice for them, like it was for me.”

  • Zhia Lee
    Zhia Lee, B.B.A (she/her/hers) Alum

    Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with multicultural students and first-year students from Southeastern Wisconsin

    “Being able to support and impact students gives me great joy. I love being able to see students do what they want and to be able to experience all the opportunities that UWEC has to offer. I’m excited to be able to help students on their journey. “

  • Anna Loughridge
    Anna Loughridge Alum

    Regional Admissions Counselor in the Twin Cities Area

    Works primarily with first-year students from the Twin Cities area

    "Making a positive impact and empowering students to pursue their personal and academic dreams at UW-Eau Claire is a privilege. I love sharing my passion for the university and the Eau Claire community. Go Blugolds!"

  • Kerryn Johnson
    Kerryn Johnson, MS

    International Admissions Counselor

    Works primarily with international students

    "Eau Claire has been my home for over 25 years, so it’s great to share it with people from around the world. I enjoy seeing international students not only learn about and experience the American culture, but to also see our U.S. students learn about their cultures right from their backyard."

  • Alicia Schwahn
    Alicia Wiltrout, B.S. (she/her/hers) Alum

    Special Populations Coordinator

    Works primarily with High School Special (ECCP and HSSP), Undergraduate Special, and Graduate Special students for both UW-Eau Claire and UWEC – Barron County

    “The best part about my job is being able to assist special student populations in furthering their education, no matter where they are in life.”

  • Angie Rankin
    Angela Rankin, B.S., M.S. (she/her/hers)

    Assistant Director

    Works primarily with first-year students from Northcentral Wisconsin, home schooled students, transfer students, nontraditional students, and military veterans

    "I love helping students find their place at UW-Eau Claire and discover the amazing opportunities available to them as a Blugold.”

  • Isabel Walters
    Isabel Walters


    "The best part of my job is helping prospective students of all educational backgrounds achieve their goals and discover their place in the wonderful UW-Eau Claire community."

  • Joey Bohl
    Joey Bohl, B.A., M.Ed (she/her/hers) Alum

    Associate Director

    Works primarily with residency and residency reviews; technology and application processing management

    "The best part of my job is helping students and parents navigate the new and sometimes complicated world of admission applications. It is rewarding to help students from the start of an application to actually see them register for classes."

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