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Admitted students may request to defer admission up to one year for the consecutive spring or fall terms. Students granted deferred admission may not enroll at another academic institution, including another college, university, or a program that grants credit through an accredited institution (in the United States or abroad). A deferred student who does so will forfeit their deferred admission status.

Deferred admission may be granted for a variety of reasons, most commonly to allow a student to participate in non-academic cultural experiences, attend military basic training, play junior hockey, perform community service, or for medical reasons.


Domestic and international first-year students are eligible to defer their admission. Transfer students may request to defer admission and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Students will not be approved for deferral if they attend another institution of higher education during the period that they are requesting deferment. Students who do attend another institution should reapply for admission to UW-Eau Claire for review of new academic information.

Process and Deadlines

Contact the Admissions Office directly at to start the deferment process.

Students may request to defer for one semester or for one full year. If a student wishes to defer their admission for more than one year, they will need to submit a new application to UW-Eau Claire.

Note: Some campus programs have conditions that require participation in campus support programs. After requesting the deferral of admission, students will be notified if they have such a requirement that would impact the length of their deferral.

  • Fall: Students admitted for the fall semester must email the Admissions Office by May 1. Late submissions will be considered on an exceptions basis.
  • Spring: Students admitted for the spring semester must email the Admissions Office by November 15. Late submissions will be considered on an exception basis.

Students will receive a new official admission decision letter for the term that they requested to defer their admission to. A list of next steps will be included with that letter.

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