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In addition to other event programming, the University Honors Program sponsors Meals with Honors, a seminar series for Honors students, faculty, staff and the community that regularly invites fascinating speakers. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the company of the Honors community while expanding your education on a wide range of topics. Make sure to RSVP (use the link below for Meals events)!


A Case Study of the Usage and Impacts of a Wisconsin Farmers’ Market Incentive Program for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Participants

Eric Jamelske - Statistics

11/13 Meals with Honors

Wednesday, November 13th | 6:00 p.m. | Centennial Hall Rm 2704

Although fruit and vegetable (FV) consumption lowers risks for many chronic diseases, children/adults tend under-consume FV. Research suggests that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) households purchase fewer healthy foods and more unhealthy foods compared to non-SNAP households. Thus, increasing purchases of healthy foods, especially FV, among SNAP households has become an important focus among practitioners, policymakers and researchers. This study reports on a program that doubles SNAP benefits used at the farmers market up to $10/week. Using data collected from the farmers market we characterize program usage from 2014-18. We also report on survey results highlighting benefits of the program reported by SNAP households. Our results show that the market match program has significantly increased the number of SNAP shoppers using the farmers market and has also increased the frequency of trips to the farmers market. Survey responses show that significant percentages of SNAP farmers market shoppers report purchasing/eating more FV and say that it helps increase their budget. These results suggest that SNAP families are gaining access to healthier food through the market match program. However, the use of SNAP benefits at the farmers market in 2018 represented less than 10% of SNAP households suggesting additional promotions are needed to increase usage which will require additional resources. This research has policy relevance as it helps us understand the impacts of a program designed to improve access to healthy foods for low income families.

How Ice and Fire books Became Game of Thrones TV: George R.R.Martin and Media

11/20 Meals with Honors

Janice Bogstad - English

Wednesday, November 20th | 5:00 p.m. | Centennial Hall Rm 1917

Long before Game of Thrones was a hit TV Series, it was a famous series of books by the highly successful author, George R.R. Martin. He continues to write in the series, but he was also a screenwriter for many years for the popular series Beauty and the Beast and author of many novels of fantasy and science fiction in several different subgenres. This presentation will take a 'critical biography' approach to his work in both written fiction and media series writing and address comparisons between fictional and media stories.



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