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In addition to other event programming, the University Honors Program sponsors Meals with Honors, a seminar series for Honors students, faculty, staff and the community that regularly invites fascinating speakers. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the company of the Honors community while expanding your education on a wide range of topics. Make sure to RSVP (use the link below for Meals events)!



                                                               Honors Fall 2019 Graduation Ceremony

This image is a screenshot of the front of the program for the University Honors Program graduation ceremony on December 20th 2019. There is a little image of a graduation cap and diploma as well as the title and time of this event.
Honors Graduation Ceremony Program Cover

Honors Graduation Ceremony Fall 2019

All are invited to come support your Honors Graduates at their ceremony and reception! This event is to acknowledge all the students who have graduated with Honors and are participating in the fall commencement. It will take place at 5:30pm on Friday December 20th, 2019 in the Woodland Theater on the 3rd floor of the Davies Student Center. There will be presentations, naming of all the graduates, refreshments, photo opportunities, and lots of celebration!


                                                                               Inaugural Honors Soirée

This picture is a fancy flyer for the Honors Student Steering Committee and the Honors Living Learning Community Soiree Event
Honors Soireé Flyer

The Honors Soirée is Coming... Save the Date and Share Your Talent!
This is a new signature event hosted by University Honors, Honors LLC, and the Honors Student Steering Committee (HSSC).

The inaugural date is February 14th from 4-6pm, so mark your calendars now! It will be held in the Ojibwe Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the Davies Student Center. Besides the mocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and dancing, we want to spotlight Honors students' (and, faculty or alum) talents. You are allowed to bring a plus 1 who is not an Honors student.

We are calling on all Honors students (individually - or, in groups) to share their talent - sing, dance, dramatic reading, poetry, improv, the Bridgman Hall kazoo band. Additionally, we want to share artistic talent with displays around the room - so, let us know if you have a piece we can showcase (ceramics, sculpture, quilting, knitting, paint, photography, etc.). If you are willing to share a talent please click HERE to let us know. For questions or more information, contact We are very excited to see what you have in store for us!


Be on the lookout the first week of February 2020 for a full list and explanations of everything going on with the University Honors Program for the spring semester! We have a lot of fun and interesting opportunities coming your way. For now- enjoy your Winterim!

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