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Give your major the Honors treatment

Students majoring in the departments and programs listed below may apply to earn departmental Honors in place of, or in addition to, University Honors. Why do it? Departmental Honors programs make it possible for students to do Honors work in their major fields. Like the University Honors Program, departmental Honors programs enable students to pursue a truly outstanding education and set themselves apart from the crowd. Many more departmental Honors programs are in development at UWEC.

Departmental honors programs

Ian McCormack band rehearsal

Honors senior, Ian McCormick, interns at Carnegie Mellon creating smart city applications

Ian McCormack landed an awesome summer internship at Carnegie Mellon working with a team of PHD students and professors to utilize hundreds of traffic sensors found in urban areas to create a platform for people to easily develop smart city applications.

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Tyler GOnzales writing on a glass light board

Doing the math, all the way to Yale

Mathematics standout Tyler Gonzales had his pick of graduate programs. He is headed to New Haven to begin his Ph.D. pursuits in applied mathematics at storied Yale University, and his unprecedented Blugold research career helped him get there.

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