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About Honors

Developing your best self

Honors students are wonderfully diverse, but they all bring intelligence, passion, achievement and motivation to their pursuits. The University Honors Program exists to help students achieve their highest potential. You won't do busy work in Honors — you will pursue creative ways to learn as you become fully engaged in life on campus and in the greater Eau Claire and Wisconsin communities.

The foundation of our University Honors program rests on the strengths of the expert faculty who teach our Honors courses. Add in the students and faculty who serve on the University Honors Council, and you have a program with focus, direction and compassion.

Trivia in the Honors Commons during the Library After Dark event

FAQs for Prospective Honors Students

Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions by perspective Honors students. If you can't find what you're looking for here, contact us!

FAQs for Prospective Honors Students

The Honors Vision

To excel as a signature UW-Eau Claire program and become a national model for innovation and excellence in Honors education.

The Honors Mission

The UWEC Honors Program provides highly motivated, high potential students with a challenging and supportive learning community that allows them to develop their distinctive abilities, creating a foundation for high-value intellectual, professional, and personal achievements in future settings.

Honors Program Goals

Through its curricular and co-curricular experiences, the University Honors Program assists students in attaining the following program-wide goals:

  • Provides program-wide opportunities for intellectual, personal, and professional growth that respond productively to the dispositions of highly motivated, high achieving, high potential students;
  • Provides a rigorous and evolving curriculum that responds proactively to interdisciplinary topics and issues
  • Encourages and supports undergraduate research that is uniquely matched to student experiences, skills, and longer-term interests;
  • Assists students in preparing for competitive opportunities in the areas of employment, graduate studies, and citizenship;

Through its course-based experiences, the University Honors Program assists students in attaining the following learning outcomes:

  • Provides academic experiences where students have significant responsibility for the design and execution of activities that lead to research, discovery, high-value projects, and innovation;
  • Emphasizes core disciplinary content in a way that is helpful to specialists (students majoring in the field) and non-specialists (students majoring in other fields);
  • Assists students in the pursuit of creativity, innovation, discovery, and expression across disciplines, and to apply disciplinary perspectives and developments to current events and challenges;
  • Provides learning experiences where EDI and civic learning are applied to a disciplinary or professional context.
  • Supports and promotes intellectual, scholarly, and creative achievement; innovative teaching, active learning; and student-faculty collaboration across the university.
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