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Explore the world religions certificate at UW-Eau Claire

Enhance your understanding of the beliefs, practices and cultural impacts of the world’s major religious traditions with a world religions certificate at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Designed to help you navigate the complex challenges of life in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, this certificate is an excellent addition to any major.

Courses throughout the world religions certificate program will dive into topics like the meaning of religion; the nature of religious thought; relations between religious meanings and moral values; and the impact of religious systems, institutions and issues in local and global contexts. Students will learn the basics of the world's major religions, including tribal traditions, Western religions, Indian religions and Far Eastern religions. 

No matter your professional or career goals, an understanding of the impact of religions on world events is invaluable — and students pursuing any major can benefit greatly from the learning opportunities offered by this certificate program.

Why world religions at UW-Eau Claire?

Sought-after knowledge and skills. Graduates of the world religions certificate gain a solid foundation in understanding a central aspect of human experience, preparing them for success in an increasingly complex, multicultural world. As a result, many students find increased marketability as potential graduate students and employees, whether their career goal is in education, business, healthcare, psychology, music, arts, sciences or humanities.

Personalized studies. A portion of the world religions certificate is made up of courses chosen by you, allowing you to customize your studies and explore the topics that most interest you. Study the central teachings and practices of Buddhism; explore early or modern Christianity; or better understand the history, literature and culture of Judaism. 

New perspectives and understanding. The world religions certificate can enhance your respect for diversity, helping you to foster equity and inclusivity. This understanding is beneficial on both a personal and professional level and can make a significant impact on your chosen career. 

World religions certificate curriculum

The world religions certificate at UW-Eau Claire will broaden your perspective through courses that examine the values of major religions in contrast with the secular world. Studying these diverse viewpoints will help you deconstruct your own conceptions of religious traditions as well as grow more empathetic to the many forms of religious expression within society.

What classes do world religions students take?

Your classes may cover topics like: 

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