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Explore the topical minor at UW-Eau Claire

Design your own minor with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's topical minor program. This interdisciplinary offering allows you to select classes based on your own interests and scholarly objectives. Students should choose courses for their minor based on a coherent theme, a definable professional need or a complementary relationship to their major.

The topical minor is an excellent choice for students who have a specific career or professional goal in mind. Past Blugolds have studied how immigration and deportation affect childhood, the philosophy of feminism, convergent media, music management and countless other topics. No matter your passions or interests, we'll help you cultivate a program that will get you to where you want to go. With an education from UW-Eau Claire, anything is possible.  

Why topical minor at UW-Eau Claire?

Support from faculty advisors. While defining and planning your topical minor, you'll receive guidance and support from exceptional faculty advisors. Working together, you'll make sure to select the most impactful courses while ensuring you meet the graduation requirements of the minor.  

Collaborative, diverse classrooms. Courses throughout your minor will include professors and students from a variety of departments, backgrounds and disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach will surround you with new interests, perspectives and ways of thinking, and opens doors to unique projects and learning opportunities. 

Getting to research and decide what classes to include in this minor took a lot of work, but it was so worth it as I've loved each of these classes and I hand-picked them. Now, I'll be graduating with the knowledge and skills I'm passionate about and a super unique story to tell employers.

Morgan Meyer Workforce Engagement and Development Topical Minor

Topical minor classes and curriculum

Classes taken throughout the topical minor are chosen by you. Selected courses must total 24 credits in order to meet graduation requirements. Previous students have paired a topical minor with a major in communication studies, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, computer science, journalism, art, history, languages, the sciences, nursing, education and dozens of other related disciplines.

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