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Explore pre-law at UW-Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire offers a rigorous curriculum and experiential learning opportunities that will prepare you well for a career in law. Pre-law is not a major at UW-Eau Claire, but rather a declaration of your intention to continue your education and become a lawyer.

A specific major is not required to get into law school, but certain skills and curriculum are favored. For example, the American Bar Association recommends that future lawyers select a major that develops skills in reading and interpreting texts, research and writing. Additional skills valued in law school are analytic and problem-solving skills, so courses that challenge students in these areas are recommended.

Law school admissions are based on successful completion of an undergraduate degree, scores on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), a strong GPA, letters of recommendation and other criteria set by particular programs.

Studies show that students in the following majors consistently score highly on the LSAT: economics, finance, history, literature, philosophy, physics/math, political science and religious studies. A popular major choice for students at UW-Eau Claire is legal studies.

Why be pre-law at UW-Eau Claire?

Relevant student organizations. Several on-campus student organizations — like the Pre-Law Club — connect you with other students who are also interested in a law career. Membership will educate you on aspects of the legal profession and help you to make regional and national political and legal connections.

Individualized attention and support. Every pre-law student is assigned a faculty advisor from the political science department. Your advisor will provide you with individualized attention and is available to answer questions about law programs, courses and other concerns. They also have up-to-date information on the admission requirements of regional law schools and can help you plan your schedule accordingly. 

Exceptional faculty. The high quality of UW-Eau Claire’s liberal arts education provides students with cultural awareness and breadth of knowledge that graduate and professional schools find desirable. Your professors will know you by name and will do all they can to support you in earning your degree and pursuing law school. 

Stellar program reputation. Pre-law students fare very well in seeking admission into law school. Graduates regularly attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota, Hamline University and Marquette. Other recent graduates have attended Indiana University, Boston University, Northwestern, Harvard, University of Michigan, Princeton and Yale.

I’m most interested in the community-service-oriented angle of criminal justice. I want to help people who maybe can’t do it on their own. That’s the real driving force in my wanting to go to law school.

Cliff Hayes Criminal Justice, Pre-Law

Recommended courses, regardless of major, include:

In addition, U.S. and world history courses, as well as ethics courses, are recommended.

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A few majors that would best support a career path in law include:

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