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Explore the Ojibwe language certificate at UW-Eau Claire

Become part of the global movement to revitalize endangered Indigenous languages with an Ojibwe language certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Classes throughout the certificate will provide you with a strong foundation in speaking, reading, writing and understanding the Ojibwe language. Coursework and class discussions will also help you to gain a better understanding of the cultural backgrounds and experiences of the Ojibwe people.

Upon completion of the Ojibwe language certificate, you will be able to converse in Ojibwe at an intermediate level; have the linguistic and cultural competency to function effectively and appropriately in an Ojibwe cultural setting; and be able to conduct future Ojibwe language research.

Why Ojibwe language at UW-Eau Claire?

Language preservation. The Ojibwe language, like Indigenous languages around the world, is in danger of becoming extinct. By learning Ojibwe, you aren't just fulfilling a university language requirement, you are joining a language and culture revitalization movement.

Online offerings. The majority of the courses that make up the Ojibwe language certificate are offered online in the form of both prerecorded lessons and recorded live classes. These recordings can be watched more than once, providing you with an easy way to go back and review or practice certain topics and lessons.

Ojibwe language certificate curriculum

In addition to covering the fundamentals of learning this indigenous language, electives within the Ojibwe language certificate also explore the history, philosophy and contemporary communities of the Ojibwe people. A combination of online and in-person courses will invite you to expand your perspective and gain a deep understanding of this unique language and culture.

What classes do Ojibwe language students take?

Your classes may cover topics like: 

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