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Explore the global studies minor at UW-Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's interdisciplinary global studies minor is designed to enhance your understanding of other languages, diverse cultures and global issues. 

Through the study of production, exchange, consumption and community expansion, you'll learn about the many economic and financial factors that contribute to life experiences, education and social development. A look at world politics and the influence of private and public organizations will also shed light on how power is transformed and what role it can play in day-to-day social interactions. Graduates leave with knowledge and skills that can enrich our ever-changing and increasingly interdependent world. 

To be awarded the global studies minor, you must be competent in a language other than English. 

Why global studies at UW-Eau Claire?

Outside-the-classroom learning. Students minoring in global studies are strongly encouraged to participate in study abroad, internships and other international studies programs. These opportunities often lead to a deeper cultural awareness and a stronger appreciation for diversity, which can help you grow both professionally and personally. 

Personalized education. Dozens of electives allow you to personalize your minor and study topics that align with your career goals. Choose from classes in anthropology, communications, economics, geography, history, political science and religion.

Endless job possibilities. Because the minor covers so many topics, you'll be well prepared for a wide variety of jobs. Graduates go on to find employment in multinational companies, governmental agencies, education, social work and health service organizations.

Global studies minor curriculum

Built with a solid foundation in economics, politics, history, religious studies and anthropology, the global studies minor will reveal unique social and cultural differences in the world around you. Throughout coursework, study abroad experiences and internship opportunities, you will explore historical perspectives of international life, cultures and countries; analyze political behavior, institutions and policy; study the causes and evaluate solutions for global economic inequalities and underdevelopment; and demonstrate the sense of responsibility necessary to become a constructive global citizen.

What classes do global studies minors take?

Your classes may cover topics like: 

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