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Explore the criminal justice equity and inclusivity minor at UW-Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's criminal justice equity and inclusivity minor invites students to analyze and critique issues of diversity, equity and inclusion within the criminal legal system in the United States.

Through interdisciplinary coursework, you will examine current and historical legal and policy decisions with a special focus on understanding their broader context and impact. Course topics will explore the fundamental concepts and contemporary issues associated with criminal law, policing, judicial systems and corrections. A critical examination of the relationship between race, ethnicity and the criminal justice system in the U.S. highlights the struggles for racial justice — and how those efforts have been criminalized or controlled. 

Graduates of the program will help develop solutions that establish and improve diverse, equitable and inclusive practices in the criminal legal system. Whether you go on to pursue a career in law enforcement, corrections or the legal system, you'll have empirical information on the many perspectives and social issues that you will encounter. This knowledge will help you to improve your decision-making while also bringing positive, sustainable reform to the system.

Why criminal justice equity and inclusivity at UW-Eau Claire?

Interdisciplinary curriculum. With elective courses offered in sociology, political science, geography and philosophy, you will get an inside look at the complexity of the issues present within the criminal justice system — and learn how to improve them.

In-demand knowledge. At a time of increased protesting and a call for criminal justice reform, knowledge of racial inequality and the ever-changing issues impacting the criminal legal system is both extremely relevant and necessary. 

Faculty support. While pursuing the minor, you'll have direct access to criminal justice faculty members who can help you plan your semesters and explore possible career paths.

Advocate for change. Your ability to clearly articulate and critically evaluate current issues within the United States criminal justice system will empower you to identify ways to enact positive change.

Criminal justice equity and inclusivity minor curriculum

With a solid foundation in criminal justice coursework — combined with a variety of interdisciplinary electives — this 24-credit minor will shine a light on the nature and extent of crime and social policy in our modern society. Your classes will illuminate issues related to equity, diversity and inclusivity that are inherent to the criminal justice system in the U.S., explore why these issues exist and ultimately help you identify solutions to resolve them.

What classes do criminal justice equity and inclusivity minors take?

Your classes may cover topics like:

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