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Explore the English - creative writing emphasis bachelor's degree program at UW-Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's English - creative writing emphasis bachelor's degree offers the invaluable opportunity to focus on the craft of writing with the support and instruction of an array of well-published, award-winning faculty. Graduates of the program leave with the knowledge and skills to create original and effective poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction works.

The growing major is an excellent choice for those who love to read and write, and are passionate about expressing themselves through language. Classes include creative and prose writing workshops, as well as those that focus on specific types of writing, such as playwriting, novel writing and creation of short stories and poetry. Through unique projects and class discussions, you'll foster creativity, insight and empathy — skills that are highly sought after by writers. A variety of electives and course topics throughout the major allow you to study the areas that interest you and best align with your career goals. 

While pursuing your degree, you'll experience the incredible benefits of small class sizes. Our courses allow for personalized learning, individualized mentoring and the formation of meaningful, lasting connections. Your professors and classmates will know you by name and do all they can to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Whether you dream of publishing a novel, sharing your poetry, crafting blogs or writing a play, a bachelor's degree in creative writing from UW-Eau Claire can help make anything possible. 

Rebecca Mennecke

Thoughtful, supportive faculty

Sometimes a few well-chosen words can change someone’s world. Just ask Rebecca Mennecke, a Blugold who says an encouraging note from her professor early in her college career put her on a path to success. 

“During my first weeks of my 'Introduction to Creative Writing' class, professor B.J. Hollars sent me an email about my first story that said: ‘Becca, just a note to say great first story. Keep this up. I'm very impressed,’” Rebecca said.

The note not only reassured her that she had made the right decision about UW-Eau Claire, but gave her the boost in confidence needed to pursue her degree in creative writing. Since then, Rebecca has held numerous writing positions on campus, including serving as editor of NOTA; managing editor of The Spectator; and senior writing assistant at the Center for Writing Excellence. She also completed internships at Volume One and the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild. 

“If you have been lucky enough to connect with a faculty member who is supportive and encouraging like professor Hollars, then you know that they are the reason that UW-Eau Claire is the best college in the state of Wisconsin.” 

Why English - creative writing emphasis at UW-Eau Claire?

Academic apprenticeships and tutoring opportunities. As a creative writing major or minor, you'll have the unique opportunity to work as an academic apprentice. This may require you to facilitate class discussions, assist teams with group work, answer questions, provide input for class activities and assignments and teach part of a class session. You may also choose to tutor other students outside of the English department by becoming a Center for Writing Excellence writing assistant. These experiences provide a chance for you to build skills in leadership, interpersonal communication and problem-solving, while also enhancing your writing abilities.

Fascinating research opportunities. Endless undergraduate research opportunities are available to students at UWEC. Some of the exciting projects taken on by students and faculty in English involve conducting research, interviewing, developing surveys and collecting data in places like theaters, hospitals, community resource centers and media centers. Your work could lead to presentations at local and national research conferences, providing you with even more learning and networking opportunities.

Valuable student organizations. Joining a student organization at UWEC builds your skill set — and your resume. You may mentor current and potential students, organize events or give back to the community. You'll also meet students who, like you, are interested in English and all that it offers. A popular student org for creative writing majors is NOTA, or None of the Above, which is a campus literary magazine — entirely student-run — that publishes a biannual collection of the top student submissions in the categories of art, poetry and prose.

A chance to see the world. Writing in a new and different environment can lead to some pretty incredible work. Find inspiration while studying abroad in places like England, France, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, South Korea, South Africa or Japan. Or join faculty on a cultural immersion program to renowned places right here in the U.S. These enriching academic experiences are exactly the kind of high-impact practices that set UW-Eau Claire apart from other institutions, making UWEC an excellent place to pursue your creative writing degree. 

Quick facts

English - creative writing emphasis program details
  • Program length: four years
  • Offered: in person
  • Campus: Eau Claire
  • This major requires a minor or certificate.
  • This program is also available as a minor and certificate. 
  • Students majoring in this program may choose either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.
Student organizations
  • English Ambassadors
  • English Festival
  • None of the Above (NOTA)
  • Sigma Tau Delta

What can I do with an English - creative writing emphasis degree from UWEC?

Graduates of UW-Eau Claire's English - creative writing emphasis degree leave with the knowledge, tools, skills and passion to become successful, published authors. 

Creative writing jobs

Don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing you can do with an English degree. The coursework is wonderfully interdisciplinary and applicable to life — your life. It will challenge you and enlighten you. The professors here are engaging and will make time for you. Study English here; it is worth it.

Heather Harkins Creative Writing
Nora Schmidt always loved to write but was never sure she was especially good at it. That changed when she came to UW-Eau Claire and immersed herself in its English department. (Photo by Shane Opatz)

At home in the English department

When Nora Schmidt came to UW-Eau Claire, choosing her mathematics minor was easy. Finding her major proved to be far more difficult, though in hindsight the answer was right in front of her all along — English-creative writing. 

“My creative writing major was a hard sell,” Nora said. “I’ve loved writing my whole life, but never had the courage to pursue it as more than a hobby. Encouragement from my family and my professors helped me develop the confidence and skill to go for it.” 

Once she made her decision, she never looked back. Nora's English professors and fellow students helped her find her place on campus and a future that excites her. She says she’s been fortunate to have had some of the same professors teach her in more than one course, creating a sense of familiarity that “helps me feel really at home in the department.” 

“I love how close the professors are in the department and how welcoming they are to their students."

English - creative writing emphasis bachelor’s degree program curriculum

The English - creative writing emphasis bachelor's degree includes countless opportunities to create and evaluate forms of verbal art, including poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Coursework throughout the program will help you to become a better reader and writer of imaginative literature. Pair your studies with a minor or another major in areas like history, marketing, journalism, public relations, communication studies, political science or graphic design for even more career opportunities. 

What classes do English - creative writing emphasis majors take?

Your classes may cover topics like: 

Learn more about the English - creative writing emphasis major in the UWEC course catalog.

Learn more about the English - creative writing minor in the UWEC course catalog.

Learn more about the English - creative writing certificate in the UWEC course catalog.

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