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Gaining valuable experiences

Getting experience in an area you may be interested in pursuing is the best way to see if it is right for you. These are the local shadowing opportunities.

Mayo Clinic Health System-MedEx shadowing experience!

Applications will be accepted for Fall 2024 MedEx starting in September!

2024 MedEx College Edition, Eau Claire and Menomonie

The MedEx College Edition program at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire is an opportunity for UWEC students with a demonstrated interest in medicine to job shadow physicians or physician assistants. Students accepted to the program will spend up-to 6 half-day sessions job shadowing in different medical specialties during a typical workday in the clinic.

Prerequisites & Requirements:

  • At least 30 hours of volunteer service at Mayo Clinic Health System OR be a current Mayo Clinic Health System employee completing at least 30 work hours
  • Must be a current UWEC student in Fall 2024 and completed at least two full academic semesters at UWEC
  • Seriously considering a career in medicine
  • GPA above a 3.0

There are three opportunities for this experience:

  • Fall Session November-December
  • Spring session March-April
  • Summer session July-August

UWEC Students Apply Here!

Marshfield Clinic Observation Opportunity

Marshfield Clinic Observation Experiences have resumed in a limited capacity based on resources. Marshfield Clinic staff volunteer their time to allow observation of their practice.  Because of the voluntary nature of the experience, meeting application requirements does not guarantee experience.  

Marshfield Clinic Health System defines an Observational Experience as the observation of an employee in his/her professional role with no physical (patient) contact other than airborne exposure.

*Please note, there is a fee associated with applying to this program. If mailing in your application and your wish is to observe in the Eau Claire region, please ensure it is sent to: West District – Student Programs, 2116 Craig Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701.

Please click here which will direct you to the Marshfield Clinic webpage to find out more and to apply

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