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There are several great resources in print and online to help you find out more about pursuing a future in a health-related field. We have gathered useful links for staying on track for graduation, researching careers and more.

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The path to health professional school is full of uncertainty, and the resources available through the Health Careers Center ensured that I was never scrambling for answers.

Ray Larson Pre-Medicine

Standardized testing information

So many acronyms, so little time

You may recognize some of the acronyms below as tests you could have to take in order to get in to a professional school. Below you can see what type of test it is, information about style of the test and how it is scored. 


MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)


PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test)

  • Standardized, multiple-choice exam.
  • Measures general academic ability and scientific knowledge for pharmacy.
  • Writing, Biological Processes, Chemical Processes, Critical Reading, and Quantitative Reasoning.
  • Scored from 200-600 with averages between 340-460.
  • Learn more about the PCAT.

DAT (Dental Admission Test)

  • Standardized, multiple-choice exam.
  • Designed to measure general academic ability, science comprehension, and perceptual ability.
  • Survey of natural sciences, perceptual ability, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning.
  • Scored from 1-30 with 17 being average.
  • Academic Average (AA) and Perceptual Ability Test (PAT) scored separately.
  • Learn more about the DAT.

OAT (Optometry Admission Test)

  • Standardized, multiple-choice exam.
  • Designed to measure general academic ability and comprehension of scientific information.
  • Survey of the natural sciences, reading comprehension, physics, and quantitative reasoning.
  • Scored from 200-400 with 300 being average.
  • Learn more about the OAT.

GRE (Graduate Record Exam)

  • Standardized, multiple-choice exam.
  • Designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, and writing skills.
  • Verbal Reasoning (130-170), Quantitative Reasoning(130-170), and Analytical Writing(0-6).
  • Learn more about the GRE.

Entrance Exam Preparatory Resources

Links to the tests and their fee waiver programs:

Test prep companies: Check their websites for free resources!*

*The Health Careers Center is not endorsing any of these programs - only providing a list of resources available.

Centralized Application Services and Instructions for Applying

A wealth of knowledge at your disposal

Before you go out and buy that expensive book on how to study for a certain exam, come check out what we have to offer in the Health Careers Center. We are always growing our collection of materials for you to study and learn from. Plus, many of our items are available for check-out. View the list of print resources we have in the center and stop by to see what we've added to our collection recently.

Types of print resources available

Program guides, health care directories, application resources, and exam preparation materials.

Please email if you would like more information on our materials or are interested in borrowing them.

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