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Scholar Eligibility & Application Process

Thank you for your interest in being a visiting scholar at UW-Eau Claire. Please read the following information carefully.  There are two intakes of scholars per year that coincide with student intakes in the fall and spring semester.   The application deadlines for each intake are: 

  • Fall Intake: Completed Applications are due March 1st
  • Spring Intake: Completed Applications are due August 1st


Visiting Scholar Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the Exchange Visitor Program (J-Visa) the potential visiting scholar must meet the following regulatory requirements:

1. The scholar cannot be a candidate for a tenure track position at UWEC.

2. The scholar cannot be in the United States on a non-immigrant visa for all or part of the 12-month period immediately prior to their program start date on their DS-2019.


    • The scholar is transferring from another Exchange Visitor Program
    • The scholar was in the United States less than 6 months in length
    • The scholar was in the “Short-term” Scholar category

3. The scholar cannot return to the United States as a Professor or Research Scholar if they have been in the United States as a Professor or Research Scholar within the past two years and completed that program.

Hosting Department Requirements

If you are interested in hosting or have been contacted to host an international visiting scholar please be sure you can fulfill the following requirements before you submit a hosting request.

1. The department must designate a mentor for the scholar.  

        The mentor is expected to: 

  • Be physically present on campus during the scholar’s research period.  The mentor can take a few vacation days but they cannot be on an extended sabbatical or away from the university for a long period of time (more than 2 weeks).
  • Help the scholar settle in to UWEC and Eau Claire

This includes:

  • Coordinating an office space and the furniture/technology that goes in it.
  • Assisting with housing arrangements
  • Coordinating and scheduling arrival pick-up and departure drop-off
  • Scheduling a meeting with CIE staff for immigration check-in and health insurance enrollment. 
  • Welcoming scholar to the department
  • Introducing to colleagues
  • Inviting to meetings/events
  • Showing them around campus and introduce to relevant offices/units on campus (ORSP, CETL, Library, et
  • Showing them around Eau Claire (shopping areas, EC Transit system, schools, restaurants, etc.)
  • Being the contact person for the Center for International Education (CIE).
  • Providing CIE with scholar’s arrival information, physical address, and campus address
  • Assisting you with any issues that come up during their stay

 2. The department is responsible for assisting with housing arrangements, unless the scholar is from one of UWEC's partner institutions or programs. 

3.  The department is responsible for securing an office space and the equipment/technology within that space. This includes the costs for the technology. Scholars pay a fee each semester. $250 of that goes to the hosting department to off-set some of those costs. 

4.  The department is responsible for coordinating arrival and departure pick-up/drop-off. 

Scholar Housing

UW – Eau Claire is unable to provide on-campus housing for international visiting scholars.  Scholars are responsible for their own housing. Some hosting departments may be able to provide assistance in seeking housing but others may not. Be sure to discuss housing options with your mentor and hosting department during the application process.

Required Documents

All visiting scholars applying to the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire must have the following documentation

  1. A copy of the photo page of your passport and all dependents passports.
  2. A current Curriculum Viate (CV)
  3. Research proposal
  4. Proof of English proficiency (J-Check or proof of graduating from a program in English, Native speaker, 70 iBT or 5.5 IELTS) 
  5. Bank and salary statements to provide proof that you can financially support yourself and your dependents during the length of your programs (including grace periods). Proof can be letters from banks or grant awards. These must be original with signatures and stamps. Documents must be in English or translated into English. 
The approximate financial support required for 1 year (Amount includes two months for the grace periods):
Single Scholar Scholar + 1 Child Scholar + 2 Children Scholar + Spouse Scholar + Spouse + 1 Child Scholar + Spouse + 2 Children
$42,370 $84,437 $108,047 $66,915 $82,998 $99,752
The approximate financial support required for 1/2 year (Amount includes two months for the grace periods):
Single Scholar Scholar + 1 Child Scholar + 2 Children Scholar + Spouse Scholar + Spouse + 1 Child Scholar + Spouse + 2 Children
$24,140 $48,143 $61,598 $38,130 $47,285 $56,823

*Financial information based on Living Wage Data from 2022.

*These costs include the health insurance and scholar administrative fees. Costs are approximate and subject to change without notice.

Scholar Application Process

Below are the steps to apply for the program:

  1. A prospective visiting scholar must first find a faculty mentor at UW-Eau Claire.  The mentor should be in the scholar’s area of study or research interest and must be physically present at UWEC during the study/research period.
  2. Once a mentor has been found, the mentor will need to complete the UWEC Visiting Scholar Request form.  This form is to obtain approval from the academic department to host the visiting scholar.
  3. The form, when completed is sent directly to the International Student and Scholar (ISS) Coordinator in the Center for International Education.
  4. The ISS coordinator reviews the form and then sends an email with instructions on how to access the online application to the prospective visiting scholar. The application is sent to the email address indicated on the Visiting Scholar Request Form
  5. The prospective scholar accesses the online application and then completes the application and uploads the required documents (see section on required documents)
  6. Once the application form and documents have been submitted the ISS Coordinator will review the completed application and follow up with the scholar directly for any missing materials or questions.
  7. Application information is forwarded to Human Resources to generate an appointment letter. 
  8. Once the appointment letter has been issued, the ISS coordinator will issue immigration documents and send them to the scholar directly.
  9. Scholar pays the I-901 fee and schedules a visa interview

After Acceptance

Please read the following pre-arrival booklet to help you with obtaining your visa and to learn more about Eau Claire.

International Visiting Scholar Pre-Arrival Guide

Within 7 days of arrival to UW-Eau Claire, submit the following payments to the CIE with a money order or cashiers check:

1. Health Insurance

  • Federal regulations require that you and your dependents have a certain level of health insurance coverage. The health insurance must be purchased for you and all dependents and must cover the length of your program, including grace periods. The approximate cost for a one year program (including grace periods) is about $2,100 per person. *
  • You can obtain coverage information, costs for dependent coverage and claim forms at Student Assurance Services. Contact an International Visiting Scholar Advisor, for current insurance program costs. 

*These costs are approximate and subject to change without notice.

2. International Scholar administrative fee

  • UW-Eau Claire charges an administrative fee. 1-6 months is $500 and 6-12 months is $1,000. Each Spouse/dependent is charged half of that amount.
  • A portion of the fee covers the cultural activities provided by the Center for International Education. The U.S State Department mandates that all international visiting scholars and family members engage in cultural activities.
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