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Resources for Current International Students

At UW-Eau Claire, our Center for International Education (CIE) has extraordinary support for our international students with knowledge about: academics, health resources, financial needs, immigration, and on-campus employment. Search through our site to answer your many questions about our school’s opportunities! If you have any questions please feel free to stop by the CIE in Schofield 3 or make an appointment with one of our international student advisors.

International student advisors have official responsibilities mandated and authorized by the U.S Government. However, please know that the CIE and International Student and Scholar Services is not a part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or any other government agency.  All staff are employed by UW - Eau Claire and are dedicated to supporting our international students and exchange students during their time at UWEC. 

Here, we’re committed to helping our international Blugolds! 

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International Student Welcome Book

Welcome Book

The International Student Welcome Book is full of great resources for all international students. 


Academic Training

Academic training is an opportunity for students on J visas to obtain training experience in their field of study at UW-Eau Claire. Visit J-1 Academic Training Information to learn more about academic training for J-1 visa holders.

Additional Time Allowance on Exams

Students who are non-native speakers of English (international or permanent resident/citizens) may request additional test-taking time (time and a half).

This accommodation applies to exams and does not apply to other forms of evaluation (papers, projects, group presentations) or to situations in which students must demonstrate clinical or similar skills.

Eligibility is determined by the Department of Languages and is good for one semester.


  • Student must be a non-native speaker of English
  • Request must be during student’s first two (2) semesters in academic courses
  • Cannot be used for ESL, LANG, or other courses in which the primary language of instruction is not English
  • Student must have submitted a TOEFL or equivalent score of less than 90

If any of these qualifications are not met, the request can be denied

Extended Test Time Approval Steps:

  1. Students must complete and submit this eform
    1. (BP Logix: Start New Form: Request for Additional Test Time Student – Initiated)
  2. Deadline for submitting this form: 3 weeks before your exam
    1. Deadline for submitting for a Winterim or Summer course: First day of class
  3. Once approved, you will receive an email notification for all approved courses
  4. Once you receive that email, talk with your instructor on their plans for the accommodated test – where will you take the exam?
  5. If your instructor chooses for you to take the exam at the Test Center (in the library), the student must submit another eform
  6. This form will be completed and approved by your instructor and the Test Center
  7. Do not arrive at the Test Center in the Library before the second eform is approved
  8. Check in at the Test Center at your approved time and take your exam

For more information, please contact Shannon Roach,

If you are a UWEC-Barron County international student, please contact your International Student Advisor at Barron County to apply for an extended time.

Request Additional Exam Time

Program Extension

F- Visa Holders: If you need additional time to finish your program of study, please complete the program extension form, have it signed by your academic adviser, and return to the CIE. We will extend your program to your I-20 or contact you with further questions.


J-Visa Holders: If you need additional time to finish your program of study or want to extend your study at UW -Eau Claire you will need both the program extension form and proof of financial support for the rest of your program of study. Please make an appointment with an ISS staff member.


Foreign Language/Culture Requirement Waiver

Students at UWEC must complete a requirement for foreign language/culture learning. Students who are unsure if they have completed this requirement or not can check for it on their degree audit. International Students receive a waiver via their academic advisor for this requirement when they have satisfied the university writing requirement (WRIT 114 or 116, 118 or 120) with a C+ or better.

Please make an appointment with your academic advisor after the end of the semester in which you take your WRIT class and have them start the e-form for you. Refer them to this notice and advise them to contact Linda Carlson with any questions.

Updating Your Personal Information

The Center for International Education is required to report your change of address in the United States and in your home country within days of each move. You must have both a US address and address in your home country on files with UWEC at all times. The CIE is also required to report your phone number.

To ensure that you are reporting your addresses and phone numbers correctly, please visit the following links:

Home Country Address
United States Address
Phone Numbers

Reduced Course Load

Students may be eligible to go below 12 credits only with the permission of the U.S. Government. The reasons may be initial difficulties with U.S. teaching methods, incorrect course placement, medical reasons, or final semester.

Please review the form and talk with an ISS staff member to determine if you are eligible. The criteria is strict, so contact a staff member early.

Reduced Course Load Form UWEC All Levels

Requesting a Transcript

Upon graduation you will be mailed a copy of your official transcript. If you wish to receive additional copies of your transcript please follow this link or contact Blugold Central at 715-836-3000.

Transferring from UW-Eau Claire

If you are transferring to another educational institution, the CIE may be able to help you transfer your immigration/SEVIS record to the new institution. However, you are responsible for transferring all of your academic records.

Once you have received an acceptance letter from your new institution, please contact the CIE for an appointment about transferring your immigration record. An immigration record transfer can take place if you are transferring at the same education level or if you are going to another education level (like graduate school).

Mental Health Resources

On-Campus Counseling Services

UW-Eau Claire offers free and confidential short-term solution based mental health services to all UWEC students. Please see Counseling Services webpage for more details and to schedule an appointment. You can schedule via phone during business hours or schedule an intake online. 

Mental health services offered on campus include group therapy & workshops, individual therapy, couples counseling, assessments, and case management. 

Tele-Counseling services are only available to students that are physically in the state of Wisconsin.

Remove/Online Mental Health Services

UWEC international students have access to remote mental health and wellbeing support through their international student health insurance at no additional cost. The Student Support Program (My SSP) provides access 24/7 to call or chat with a Student Support Counselor in real-time or schedule a telephone or video session. Multilingual support available, so you can speak with a counselor in your preferred language. 

Access support anytime, anywhere by:

  • Downloading the free My SSP App: Search ‘My SSP’ from either the Apple App Store or Google Play and download today
  • Watching this short My SSP App Tutorial Video to learn more and check out the My SSP today! Please contact CIE with any questions at 715-836-4411 or 

My SSP English Brochure
My SSP Chinese Brochure
My SSP Spanish Brochure



Gold for Blugolds is where you can find scholarship information for continuing international students including scholarships from academic departments and leadership opportunities.

Click here to learn how to search for scholarships.

Health Insurance

All international students and scholars are required to purchase accident and sickness, medical evacuation, and repatriation insurance each semester throughout their studies. Insurance is a requirement of the University of Wisconsin System in addition to some student visas. Students are charged for insurance through their student bill and are automatically enrolled by the Center for International Education (CIE).

Students and Scholars are required to purchase insurance for all dependents who may accompany them to the United States on a dependent visa.

Dates of Enrollment:

  • Fall 2023 Semester Enrollment Dates:  August 5th, 2023 - December 31st, 2023
  • Spring 2024 Semester Enrollment Dates: January 1st, 2024 - August 4th, 2024

Wellfleet is your insurance provider. 

For plan summary, claims information, contact information, and ID card visit the Wellfleet website. You will need to create a username and password to log in.

Tax Information

All International students are required to file taxes each year, even if they do not work in the United States. Taxes must be filed (submitted) by April. 

Sprintax is offers tax support to students on F-1 and J-1 visas. You are eligible for a discount through your university account. Please check your email for a discount code from the CIE.

International students have access to Glacier Tax Prep though the UW-System. Follow this link to the website.

The CIE is unable to help advise students on filing their United State income taxes.

Severe Economic Hardship

If on-campus employment opportunities are not available or are otherwise insufficient, an eligible F-1 student may request employment authorization based on severe economic hardship caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond the student's control.

The application requires adjudication by the US Department of Homeland Security and a student can expect to wait four months for adjudication. If you are suffering from severe economic hardship due to unforeseen circumstances, please make an appointment with an ISS staff member to discuss possible options.


Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

CPT allows F visa holders the opportunity to take part in credit-bearing training opportunities such as internships during their studies. In order to be eligible for CPT, students must be earning internship credit in their major field of study.

F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Obtaining a Social Security Number for On-Campus Work

In order to be employed, on-campus international students must obtain a social security number. Students must download this Social Security Number Request Form or pick it up from the Center for International Education in Schofield 3.

  • Section 1 on the form is filled out by the student. 
  • Section 2 is filled out by the employer.

Once both sections are filled out, the form must be turned into the CIE.

An international student adviser will look over the form and complete the process which can up to a week. Once the form is signed by an international student adviser, the student will receive an email saying their form is ready to be picked up.

The student can then take the form to the social security office along with supporting documents (please see the back side of the SSN). 

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Information

Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows F-visa holders to apply for one year of employment authorization to begin after graduation. The employment authorization is so that recent graduates can obtain training in their field of study. If you are interested in applying for OPT, you should begin the process at the beginning of your final semester before graduation.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application

Instructions on filling out the I-765 

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Reporting

In order to meet the federal reporting requirements for OPT you must use this form you will need the following information:

  • Employer EIN number
  • Hours worked per week
  • Address
  • The name and address of any additional employer within 5 days of beginning position
  • Any breaks in employment or discontinuation of employment within 5 days of ending the position

Unemployment of more than 90 days will cause your OPT to automatically end by the SEVIS system. The way they know you are employed is through your report of the employer's information.

Note: Provide a 6-month update on your employment status and personal information by following this How-To.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) STEM Extension

If you believe you are eligible for an OPT STEM extension please contact the Center for International Education to speak with an ISS staff member. Either stop into Schofield 3 or call 715-836-4411. 

Reporting a Change in On-Campus Employment

The CIE is required to report changes to your on-campus employment to the US Government. Please contact an international student advisor at to report changes any time you start a new job or end a current job.


Inviting Friends or Family to Visit

Family members (other than your spouse and children) wishing to visit the US must apply for a "tourist" visa at the US embassy or consulate in their home countries. There is no documentation available from the CIE for tourist visa applications.

Ensure that your family members have the following evidence, which will be helpful during the visa application process:

  • Invitation letter from you: Write a letter of invitation that includes the following: your name and your reason for living in the US, the names of your family members who wish to visit, the purpose and approximate length of the visit, and whether you will provide room and board or any other financial assistance for the visit.
  • Your evidence of funding: If you provide room and board or any other specific expenses of the trip (such as airfare), you should supply evidence of your funding such as a bank statement or employment letter. There is no minimum dollar amount that you must reflect; but you should indicate an amount that is reasonable for the level of support you are providing.
  • Evidence of your status in the US: provide your family members with a copy of your I-20 (do NOT send the original) and other documents verifying your status in the US. (It is not necessary to get a new I-20 when inviting family members).
  • Evidence of intent to return home: Your family members must prove that they will return home after visiting the US. Documents showing employment, property ownership, close family relations in home country, or enrollment in school (in the home country) are considered good evidence of intent to return home.
  • Family Members' Evidence of Funding: If your family members intend to cover their own expenses, they should provide a bank statement, employment verification or other evidence of funding.

Consult the web! The US State Department/Bureau of Consular Affairs has a website ( with additional information about applying for a tourist visa. In addition, many individual consulates will have more specific information about inviting family members on their websites. You can find links to US Consulates around the world on the above site or at

If you are inviting your spouse or children (under the age of 21) to the US, please visit a Document Specialist during walk-in hours for information about dependent visas.

The US State Department/Bureau of Consular Affairs has a website with additional information about applying for a tourist visa. In addition, many individual consulates will have more specific information about inviting family members on their websites. You can find links to US Consulates around the world on the above site or at

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