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Leave your mark on the world

Blugolds make an impact on the world even before they graduate. Service-Learning is a hallmark experience at UW-Eau Claire. Participating in civic projects and service-learning allows you to have an impact on the community, world, help build a professional network and put you in touch with business, industry and organizations that might expose you to a new career path or lifelong interests.

As a marketing major, I have applied many of the skills that I have acquired in the classroom to my service-learning project. My project involved directly communicating with the community of Eau Claire to raise awareness and funds for a free, public skateboard park.

Kyle Gostomski Marketing

Learning beyond the classroom

One of the greatest aspects of the service-learning opportunities is that students can create a project based on their interests and passions, and this may or may not tie directly to their major. In keeping with The Power of AND on this campus, we encourage students to take every chance available to pursue diverse interests and growth opportunities. Service-learning fulfills this perfectly, all while teaching students the value of community engagement and volunteerism.

Examples of past projects

  • Graphic design projects for non-profit, religious or other type of community organizations
  • Assist a non-profit in accounting or budget planning process
  • Tutor in a Native American community
  • Perform a study for a conservation or wildlife organization
  • Assist organizations in fund-raising or training efforts
  • Assist an organization in a public awareness campaign
  • Serve as a docent in a history museum
  • Volunteer on a crisis hotline or in a local shelter
Students and faculty working in rain garden

You choose how to give back

Service-learning projects can relate to your major or something else you are passionate about. Here are just a few examples of what you can do: Be a mentor, work with a political campaign, or volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Get involved with service-learning
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