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Our Mission Statement

Building on a foundation of excellence, liberal education, and inclusivity, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences fosters the transformation of individuals at the undergraduate and graduate levels into leaders in professional nursing practice, education, and scholarship. High-impact educational experiences, scholarship, and service to our communities enhance the personal and professional growth of students and faculty while promoting life-long learning.

Our Vision

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences strives to be a leader for exemplary education in nursing. In doing so, we endeavor to transform the lives of our students, the practice of our profession, and the health of populations.  

Our Values

  • Excellence:*
    • Education
    • Practice
    • Scholarship
    • Leadership
    • Experiential Learning
    • Life-Long learning
  • Diversity:
    • Eliminating Barriers to Participation*
  • Health
  • Integrity
  • Civility
  • Innovation*
  • Quality of Life
  • Social Responsibility:*
    • Respect
    • Positive Influence on Health
    • Social Justice
    • Accountability
    • Sustainability

Note: Those values with an asterisk are held in common with the overall University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire values. 

Revised and approved 4/19/19

Department Vision, Mission and Philosophy

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