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Cooperating Partners

We value your collaboration

We truly value our strong community partnerships with nationally renowned school districts. The goal is to make our relationships mutually beneficial — a seamless and valuable collaboration between teacher candidates and cooperating teachers to deliver positive and impactful experiences in the classroom.

Along with academic preparation, field placements foster hands-on experiences in many classroom settings. Several student teaching opportunities include urban partnerships with Milwaukee, Texas and even abroad. These high-quality experiences offer valuable and rich teaching environments for those seeking a diverse perspective.

Info for student teachers

The Blugold Insider button to at the top of this section is your best resource for everything you might need as a student teacher. If the teachers you work with in your school need forms and information, that’s just below.

We are always excited to get students from UWEC as we know they are prepared to lead. Students in Falls Creek have definitely benefited from the partnership.

Dr. Joe Sanfelippo Fall Creek School District Superintendent
Teachers cooperating

Teacher Education Program

Being a cooperating teacher with the Teacher Education Program has its benefits.

Partner with the Teacher Education Program

If you’re interested in becoming a cooperating teacher please email us at

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