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School-based Experience

No better way to learn and grow

Remember that teacher you simply loved when you were in school, who inspired you to go into teaching? Getting into local classrooms to collaborate with beloved teachers like those will give your teaching education a boost like nothing else.

For the first time, I witnessed the transformation of a lesson plan, as words I had created on paper, to students interacting with one another and growing in their knowledge of a new topic. I gained confidence in my role as an educator.

Rebecca Lenz | Elementary Education Major, Middle-Childhood and Early Adolescence
Student as a Teacher

Cooperating partners

Our excellent teacher prep program wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic partners in area school districts. They host our student teachers and provide crucial experiences to shape their growth.

Collaborative partnership
Milwaukee Immerison

Experiencing diverse classrooms

English education major Alison Wagener spent just a week working with students in an urban Milwaukee middle school. The experience made an impact that she thinks will last a lifetime.

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