Teacher Education Program Faculty + Staff

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You know how when you work with a group of people for a while, they become like family? That’s what it’s like at the Teacher Education Program. These folks care about every aspect of your preparation to go into the noble profession that is teaching. They’re also there for you after you’ve been in the field awhile and you need help with renewals, additional certifications and navigating education's changing landscape. Call on them early and often.

Below this list you’ll find links to the faculty and staff of the Education Studies and Special Education departments.

Education Studies: Our team, our family

The faculty and staff here are passionate about education and their students. They pass their love for learning and teaching on to each individual within their program.

Meet our amazing team
Students learning

Special Education: Meet the Faculty + Staff

Special Education produces supremely skilled and prepared educators, ready to enter their own classrooms with the confidence and abilities to shape the lives of children.

Creating tomorrow's educators