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For special education students, undergraduate research can have two important purposes. First, it provides the important experience of conducting a research project — an immensely enriching undergraduate opportunity. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, educators are engaged in continuing education and professional development throughout their careers, always improving methods and knowledge. Undergraduate research is a way to get started on that career objective with the help and guidance of faculty.

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Focus of the study

Kirstin Rossi and Cathy Thorsen are conducting a research project called “Inquiry & Exploration of Teacher Candidate Reflective Practice through Analysis of International Immersion Experience Digital Stories,” a study for Unified Early Childhood majors, as the culmination of an immersion experience in central Europe. Students will develop skills in reflective communication, reflective thinking, and cognitive processes through their digital stories. 

Internship outside.

New scholarship supports high-impact experiences

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has a long history of providing students with high-impact practices in and outside of the classroom.

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