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New cultures nearby

You don’t have to travel abroad for an amazing cultural immersion experience. In education studies you can gain a better understanding of different cultures by traveling anywhere from Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. and beyond. Don’t miss out on opportunities to travel and gain a new perspective by immersing yourself in other cultures throughout the country or world. If you are interested, make sure to talk to your advisor early in your program to plan these experiences into your academic coursework.

Examples of immersion programs

Education major Mai Lee Kha learned about the Somali culture by interacting with a number of people in the Twin Cities Somali community, including filmmaker Fathia Absie.

Understanding the Somali population

Several future teachers immersed themselves in the Twin Cities’ Somali community during winter break, helping them better understand a growing immigrant population that is settling into Minnesota and western Wisconsin communities.

Addressing stereotypes
Milwaukee Immerison

Experiencing diverse classrooms

English education major Alison Wagener spent just a week working with students in an urban Milwaukee middle school. The experience made an impact that she thinks will last a lifetime.

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