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CSD Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities

We understand that financing your education can be difficult for many college students. That is why we work with so many different businesses, organizations and individuals to provide our students with a variety of scholarship opportunities. You can find scholarships related to your major, your background and your interests, or you can earn scholarships for your research. We encourage you to explore all of the scholarship opportunities and apply for as many as possible to assist you in financing your education at UWEC.

UWEC Scholarships

Scholarships available to CSD students

Undergraduate students

  • National Student Speech, Language & Hearing Association Scholarship
  • Riverfront Scholarship

Graduate students

First-Year Scholarships:

  • Nancy McKinley Scholarship

  • Jennifer Marks Memorial Scholarship

  • Irene West Solberg Memorial Scholarship

  • Communication Disorders Scholarship

Second-Year Scholarships:

  • Vicki Lord & James R. Larson Research Award

  • Abigail Joy Stellmacher Graduate CSD Scholarship

  • Charles and Rochelle Szews Graduate Scholarship

  • Mayo Clinic-Eau Claire Foundation - Speech Language Pathology

Wait, there is more

In addition to scholarships focused in the area of communication sciences and disorders, there are many other scholarships available that you may qualify for. The financial burden caused by pursuing your degree can be overwhelming, so take advantage of all the scholarship opportunities you can!

Molly Dunlap, Patti Mero, Mary Mero, Ben Wales 2015 Award

CoEHS Scholarship Ceremony

Faculty, staff, alumni, and scholarship donors gathered on April 15, 2015 to honor the outstanding achievements of CoEHS students.

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P.E.O. supports Foundation funds

P.E.O. supports Foundation funds

Local P.E.O. chapters have provided nearly $15,000 in funding for scholarships and emergency assistance for UWEC women students for more than 25 years.

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