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Trying out a different role in the classroom

Instructional internships give you the opportunity to learn skills that will benefit you when working with clients and families, colleagues, and students. This experience will help you obtain deeper content knowledge and learn about faculty's role in development and implementation of course design and instruction. You will develop relationships with faculty and staff, gain mentoring skills, and be able to give back to the department.

I want to be an instructional intern

Having an instructional internship in the UWEC CSD program was an amazing experience. The professors allowed me to explore my strengths in teaching and work with students to enhance not only their knowledge but mine as well.

Kelsey Dumanch Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSD students working in small groups during an undergraduate research class.

Why we offer instructional internships

The positive outcomes of instructional internships are supported by research in other disciplines, but also by research here at UW-Eau Claire. The study linked below is the first study published within the discipline about this innovative program. Faculty believe that this experience positively influences students as learners as they move forward in their undergraduate and graduate programs. Future studies will examine the impact of instructional interns on students within the courses and the faculty teaching the courses.

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