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Post-Baccalaureate Courses

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Are you interested in graduate school or in becoming a licensed speech-language pathologist, but you did not get your undergraduate degree in speech-language pathology? We are here to help! We offer post-baccalaureate courses for you to obtain the credits you need in order to apply for graduate school. We offer 12 different undergraduate courses in an online learning format to post-baccalaureate students.

Everything you need to know about our post-baccalaureate program

If your goal is to become a speech-language pathologist, you are required to earn a master’s degree in communication sciences and disorders. If you hold a degree in another field or did not get your undergraduate degree in speech-language pathology, the post-baccalaureate program is for you.

  • All courses are online.
  • All courses are asynchronous.
  • Undergrad Fee Per Credit: $375.00.
    This is a flat-rate per-credit fee. Because courses are online, location does not affect the per-credit fee.
  • What do courses look like?
    • Our online CSD post-baccalaureate classes are asynchronous on the CANVAS platform.
    • Classes consist of short screencasts, PowerPoints, group and individual projects/assignments, quizzes, discussions, and the final, though each class will vary a bit.
  • This program is part-time. Students are encouraged to take only two classes per semester.
  • The post-baccalaureate courses can be sequenced in a variety of ways; however, we encourage students to consider family, work, and other personal responsibilities when enrolling in courses.
  • Enrolling in two courses per semester works well for most students.
  • The recommended total number of hours to allot for a three-credit course is at least 12 hours per week.
  • If you are working while taking these courses, you can expect to complete the undergraduate coursework in about 11/2 to 2 years.
  • These are undergraduate-level courses. You will need to apply for admission to UW-Eau Claire as an undergraduate, second-degree seeking student.
  • Departmental permission is required for each course. Once admitted, you will need to follow the process found in the How to request permission to register for CSD online courses section at the bottom of this page. It is the student’s responsibility to request permissions early enough to be able to register before courses close.
  • There is no guarantee of admission to a UW-Eau Claire graduate program after completion of your undergraduate coursework.
  • Strong performance and successful completion of our undergraduate coursework will help you present a stronger application to graduate programs. 
  • As an online second degree/post-baccalaureate student at UW-Eau Claire, you will get to know UW-Eau Claire instructors and they will know your academic strengths and potential for success. Strong letters of recommendation from your professors are essential for admission to our, and any other, graduate program.
  • The post-baccalaureate program offers you a chance to start over. Some of our graduate students graduated from college 5, 10, 15, or more years ago. Starting a second degree/post-baccalaureate program starts a new GPA. Admissions committees will still look at all of your GPAs, but a contrast in academic performance may demonstrate that you are ready for the challenge.
  • Post-baccalaureate/second-degree students are assigned a faculty advisor just like all other UW-Eau Claire students who take classes on campus.
  • Post-baccalaureate degree-seeking students are given priority-seating and priority permission to register for classes early during the registration period.

The 30 minimum credits must include college-level courses in each of the five core areas below:

  • CSD 256 - Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech Mechanism (4 credits)
  • CSD 257 - Normal Communication (Language) Development (3 credits)
  • CSD 262 – Phonetics (3 credits)
  • CSD 353 - Speech and Hearing Science (3 credits)
  • CSD 373 - Basic Audiology (3 credits)

The 30 minimum credits must also include at least three of these six courses or those that are equivalent:

  • CSD 321 - Aural Rehabilitation (3 credits)
  • CSD 326 - Voice and Resonance Disorders (3 credits)
  • CSD 331 - Child Language Disorders (4 credits)
  • CSD 358 - Phonological Disorders (3 credits)
  • CSD 370 - Clinical Procedures (3 credits)
  • CSD 440 - Neurological aspects (3 credits)

Additional coursework required for the Graduate Program:

  • CSD 378 - Sign Language (3 credits)

Optional Course:

  • CSD 150 – Intro to CSD

Other coursework required by ASHA for certification as an SLP:
Note: These courses can be taken before or after admission to a graduate program.

  • Biology (Animal or Human)
  • Physics or Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences (Educational psychology, Psychology, Child development, Social science)

Additional Information:

  • If you are seeking admission to the graduate program at UW-Eau Claire, a minimum of 30 credits of prerequisite coursework is needed. Required courses that make up the prerequisites for the UW-Eau Claire graduate program total 38 credits. Although only 30 credits are required for admission to the graduate program, if not completed prior to entry into the graduate program, the remaining courses must be taken during graduate school.
  • If you are completing the second-degree in CSD, a minimum of 30 credits beyond your first degree are required, with at least 23 of those credits completed at UW-Eau Claire. Most students will end up doing all 38 credits; only those with transferrable CSD coursework may complete fewer than the 38 credits to meet the requirements for the second degree. You must also show evidence of, or complete a course, to meet the university Design for Diversity requirement.
  • Equivalent courses earned from accredited colleges or universities that offer baccalaureate-level degrees in speech pathology may also be accepted. In most cases, credits earned through an SLPA program do not qualify.    
  • Appropriate disorders courses cover content in both assessment and intervention.
  • Please refer to the online course catalog for course descriptions and offerings.
    • Choose Courses from the left-hand column.
    • Select Communication Sciences and Disorders from the drop-down menu options. 
    • A list of courses, prerequisites, and course descriptions will display.
  • Undergrad Fee Per Credit: $375.00.
    This is a flat-rate per-credit fee. Because courses are online, location does not affect the per-credit fee.
  • Costs for required textbooks and other required course materials/supplies (varies from course-to-course).
  • Technology, including reliable internet access, is necessary for online coursework.
  • To be eligible for financial aid, students admitted in Post-Baccalaureate/Second Undergraduate Degree Student status must be enrolled in at least 6 credits in any given term (Spring, Summer, Fall).
  • Students admitted in Special (non-degree seeking) Undergraduate Student status are not eligible for financial aid.
  • If you are concerned about the cost of pursuing post-baccalaureate courses, please contact our financial aid office to explore your funding options.

The first step in the application process is to determine your student-status.
Read through the options below to determine which best describes you and follow the directions on how to apply.

Post-Baccalaureate or Second-Degree Student
Select this option if this describes you:

  • You intend to take all or most of the online post-baccalaureate courses.
  • You are admitted in degree-seeking status with the option to earn a second baccalaureate degree.
    Note: In some states, the second degree may help you qualify to work as an SLP Assistant.
  • You are eligible to apply for financial aid if enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)

    How to Apply

    1. Go to Begin Your Journey - Apply Online Today.
    2. If you have never attended a University of Wisconsin school, follow the instructions to create your account.
    3. Select UW-Eau Claire from the list of Wisconsin institutions.
    4. Provide all information requested:
      • Reason for Applying: Undergraduate degree or certification at the Undergraduate level
      • Applying As: Select Transfer if you have never attended UW-Eau Claire, Select Re-Entry if you were enrolled in UW-Eau Claire in the past
      • Intended Major or Field of Study: Communication Sciences and Disorders.
      • College: Education and Human Sciences.

       Important Dates:

    • For the Fall term, the priority deadline is March 1, but we continue to accept applications until
    • For the Summer term, we accept applications until the last week in May. No priority deadline.
    • For the Spring term, the priority deadline is November 1, but we continue to accept applications until mid-January.

       Important Notes:

    • After you are accepted to the program, the post-baccalaureate advisor will contact you to set up an orientation and discuss your program and instruct you on how to register for classes.
    • After submitting your application, you will receive additional information regarding payment of the required application fee and how to submit official transcripts from each college and university you have attended.
    • Within a day or two you will receive an email from UW-Eau Claire with your UW-Eau Claire username and Campus ID (different from your application username and password) on how to activate your UWEC Student Account.
      Note: Be sure to check your Junk mail/SPAM if this does not arrive in your Inbox. 

Special (non-degree seeking) Undergraduate Student
Select this option if this describes you:

  • You either do not already have a degree, are not seeking a full post-baccalaureate plan.
  • You may need to take only one or two courses with us for other educational, leveling, or career purposes.

       How to Apply:

    • Go to Begin Your Journey - Apply Online Today.
    • If you have never attended a University of Wisconsin school, follow the instructions to create your account.
    • Select UW-Eau Claire from the list of Wisconsin institutions.
    • Provide all information requested:
      • Reason for Applying: Special Student at the undergraduate level
      • Applying As: Special Student (non-degree seeking)
      • College: Education and Human Sciences

        Important Notes on Special Student Admission Status:

    • Within a day or two you will receive an email from UW-Eau Claire with your UW-Eau Claire username and Campus ID (different from your application username and password) on how to activate your UW-Eau Claire Student Account.
      Note: Be sure to check your Junk mail/SPAM if this does not arrive in your Inbox. 
    • Special students are not required to submit official transcripts from previous schools.
    • Departmental permission to register for specific CSD Post-baccalaureate courses is given first to UW-Eau Claire graduate students, then to our post-baccalaureate students. Permissions for special students to register are given the lowest priority.
    • To request permission for a class, please follow the instructions in the How to Request Permission to Register for CSD Online Courses section.


  • Textbooks
    Students need to access the Campus Bookstore. The bookstore has a textbook list with ordering instructions. Our undergrad books are rentals and the students just need to pay shipping.
  • Are tests proctored?
    Tests are not proctored; however, in some classes you can only log into your quizzes once and you may have a specific time limit to complete the test or quiz.
  • What if I need to skip a semester?
    We understand life can be hectic and situations can change. For this reason, our program allows flexibility if you need to take time off. Students can skip semesters if necessary; however, if you skip two major semesters in a row (example: Spring/Fall), you will need to re-apply for admission to the program.
  • I have an associate degree, not a bachelor degree. Can I enroll in the post-baccalaureate program?
    No; an associate degree does not qualify the same as a bachelor degree.
  • Does completing the post-baccalaureate degree mean I can go right into the graduate program?
    No; there is no guarantee of admission to a UW-Eau Claire graduate program after completion of your undergraduate coursework. Post-baccalaureate courses are prerequisites required as part of an application to a graduate program.

  • Cancellation Policy:
    Refund of credit fees due to withdrawal from class will follow the UW-Eau Claire refund policy. Please refer to Refund Policy. 

  • What about licensing?
    The Communication Sciences & Disorders graduate program at UW‐Eau Claire prepares students for licensure in the state of Wisconsin. Students are responsible for obtaining information about licensure in any other state.  

  • What is SARA?
    SARA stands for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is a SARA-approved institution.  
    • The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) is an agreement among member states, districts and territories that establishes comparable national standards for interstate offering of postsecondary distance education courses and programs. It is intended to make it easier for students to take online courses offered by postsecondary institutions based in another state. Although CA and MA are not SARA-approved states at this time, UW-Eau Claire may currently accept students from these states as well.

    • SARA does not provide reciprocity for state professional licensing requirements. Academic programs and individual graduates must meet standards set by that state’s licensure requirements in order for a graduate to be eligible for a license. If you are considering an online academic program that leads to a professional license, it is highly recommended you contact the appropriate licensing agency in the state where you plan to apply for your license before beginning your academic program. The SARA provision for this requirement can be found in the SARA Manual.

All courses require departmental permission prior to enrollment.
Important note: If you are enrolling as a Post-Baccalaureate or Second-Degree Student, do not submit course permission requests until after you have met with the post-baccalaureate advisor and charted out your undergraduate course plan. 
  • When you are ready to request course permission, submit an eForm request using the eForm link below:
    Electronic form (eForm).
  • Fill in the required information as completely as possible to avoid questions and delays in permission assignment.
  • UW-Eau Claire login is required to access the form.

Important Dates:

  • Submit requests for registration permission for summer classes no earlier than February 1.
  • Submit requests for registration permission for fall classes no earlier than April 1.
  • Submit requests for registration permission for spring classes no earlier than November 1.

Important Notes:

  • Please do not submit your form more than once.
  • Permission forms submitted prior to the above dates will be rejected and you will be required to re-submit permission for courses.
  • Permission to register is determined by the CSD department. You will be notified when permission has been entered into the CampS registration system.
  • Permission decisions are considered based on the following first-come-first-served order of priority:
    • Priority 1: UW-Eau Claire graduate students who need to complete certain undergraduate courses.
    • Priority 2: Students currently enrolled at UW-Eau Claire as post-baccalaureate students
    • Priority 3: Newly admitted post-baccalaureate students registering for their first semester in the program.
    • Priority 4: Special/Non-degree students if space remains.

Email Post-Baccalaureate Coordinator

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