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Learn more about the SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd

What is SPEAK OUT! ?

SPEAK OUT! is a speech therapy program specifically designed to address the voice and swallowing challenges commonly experienced by people living with Parkinson’s Disease.  SPEAK OUT! includes 12 individual speech therapy sessions, scheduled three times per week for four weeks.  Participants learn to speak with INTENT, which has been shown to be effective for Parkinson’s patients to regain and maintain their voice and swallowing abilities.

What is LOUD Crowd?

LOUD Crowd is a speech therapy program delivered in a group format, one time per week, to continue to improve upon and maintain progress achieved in SPEAK OUT!  LOUD Crowd has been proven to be a critical component in maintaining a strong, effective voice and safe swallowing.  LOUD Crowd is also a source of camaraderie, support and encouragement for group members. 

We proudly welcome all graduates of SPEAK OUT! therapy to our LOUD Crowd groups!  You are not required to complete SPEAK OUT! at our clinic to join our LOUD Crowd groups. 

When and Where can I Receive Services?

All services are provided in the Center for Communication Disorders (CCD) in the Health Services and Sciences building on the campus of UWEC.  Our street address is 239 Water Street.  A parking pass will be provided free of charge for all participants. SPEAK OUT! sessions are scheduled individually, three days per week, Monday through Thursday.  LOUD Crowd group sessions are scheduled one time per week on the day and time that best accommodates participant schedules. You can request services here.

We also offer SPEAK OUT! sessions online via Telepractice.  Please inquire with clinic personnel to arrange for telepractice sessions. 

I have Parkinson’s Disease.  What can I do to improve or maintain my voice and swallowing?

Based on research completed with those living with Parkinson’s Disease, up to 89% of PD patients will experience difficulty communicating and up to 95% experience difficulty swallowing.  In an effort to maintain or regain a strong voice and swallowing ability, it is optimal to begin speech therapy as soon as possible.  Speaking with INTENT during SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd speech therapy sessions has been shown to be effective in restoring and maintaining a strong voice. 

How much does SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd cost?

The Center for Communication Disorders provides clinical experiences for graduate and undergraduate students who are preparing to become Speech Language Pathologists.  Student clinicians deliver all speech therapy services and are supervised by licensed Speech Language Pathologists, holding their Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association, as well as the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. 

As a participant in our SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd programs, you are partnering with UWEC to train the next generation of Speech Language Pathologists.  We do not charge for SPEAK OUT! or LOUD Crowd sessions.  Your partnership in our program is highly valued and we are proud to offer this service to our community. 

SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd therapy programs were developed by the Parkinson Voice Project in Richardson, Texas.  The Center for Communication Disorders at UWEC is a proud grant recipient.

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