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Preparing you to lead

The College of Education and Human Sciences is home to five departments, each with the goal of preparing you to change lives.

The education for equity and justice and special education and inclusive practices departments provide students with a variety of opportunities to prepare them for careers as teachers. Through course work and field experiences, students demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be collaborative leaders in school settings.

The Communication Sciences and Disorders, Kinesiology and Social Work departments prepare speech-language pathologists, health and human performance professionals, and social workers. By completing rigorous course work, labs and practicums, students demonstrate their skills to assist those with speech and hearing problems, promote wellness and fitness, and advocate for equity and respect for all people in a variety of settings. 

Bilingual French

Education for Equity and Justice

If you have the desire and passion to become a teacher, you are in the right place. Our courses and experiences emphasizing reflection, decision-making and collaborative leadership will develop the skills necessary for you to be an effective teacher.

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Teaching a kid

Special Education and Inclusive Practices

There's no shortage of passion and commitment within the special education and inclusive practices department. You will learn how to become an impactful educator, providing all students, with and without disabilities, the tools they need to succeed.

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Learning disabilities in the regular classroom

Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Education Program helps education students with student-teaching placement, school-based experiences, certification and licensure.

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CSD student working

Communication Sciences and Disorders

As a compassionate problem solver, you will help people address communication and swallowing challenges. Our programs use creative thinking, scientific research and technology to prepare you for a career in speech, language and hearing disorders.

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Kinesiology students work on a project


Learn about the movements of the body, wellness, nutrition and much more from faculty and staff who are experts in the field of kinesiology.

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Social workers working together

Social Work

If your mission in life is helping people and empowering them to make changes in their lives, a social work major might be perfect for you! Your education will include a wide range of topics, making you a diverse and well-rounded professional.

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