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Competition Results

The UW-Eau Claire Sales Team has taken home numerous awards from competitions around the U.S. Their results are posted below.

National Collegiate Sales Competition

Ball State Regional Sales Competition 2012

Cory Conway, Patrick J. Connelly, Keenan Meitner, Aaron Severson, Jerry Kollross, coach Severson took first in his division.

The Florida State International Collegiate Sales Competition


Carter Koleske, Austin Samsa, Shelby Beavers and Cullen Johnson | Jessica Gardner, coach

Team tied for 5th.


Brandon Boogren, Josie Dickerson, Brock Offerdahl and  Jenna Slaughter. Jessica Gardner | coach

Team placed 3rd.

Boogren tied for 6th.

Slaughter tied for 10th.


Max Adams, Brittany Lebahn, Alex Krasne and Hunter Marshall | Jerry Kollross, coach

Team placed 2nd.

Adams placed 3rd.


Jacob Hagglund, Kelsey Keiser, Callie Johnson and Arianne Thompson | Jerry Kollross, coach 

Team placed 1st.

Keiser placed 1st.

Northern Illinois World Collegiate Sales Open Finals


Timothy Bortner, Nicole Foyt, King Sheng "Billy" Goh and Katrina Smith | Jerry Kollross, coach

Foyt placed 11th overall. 

University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition


Brock Offerdahl, Cullen Johnson, Austin Samsa and Katie Dietlin | Jessica Gardner, coach

Team tied for 4th place with Baylor University.

Offerdahl finished 6th overall in the Junior Division. 

Johnson finished 9th overall in the Freshman/Sophomore Division.


Brock Offerdahl, Matt Kallstrom, Cullen Johnson and Danny Klagos | Jerry Kollross, coach

Team placed 11th.

Kallstrom finished 4th in the Junior Division. 

UW-Eau Claire Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up


Overall Champion: Derek Baker. Jerry Kollross, coach


Second Runner-Up: Scott Mundt. Jerry Kollross, coach


Overall Champion: Cameron Walther. 1st Runner-Up: Melissa Erickson | Jerry Kollross, coach


Best Overall Team. Overall Champion: Heather Maul. 1st Runner-Up: Garrett Ullom. 2nd Runner-Up: Jenna Weber | LaNette Flunker, coach

William Paterson University RBI Sales Challenge


Abby Yurish, Liz Verkuilen, Joey Schreiner and Jared Sweeney | Jerry Kollross, coach Team results: 6th overall


Brandi Bawek, Eric Sipe, Scott Carlson, Jacob Meeks, Jerry Kollross, coach Team results: 2nd overall


Brandi Bawek, Christopher Cull, Elle Fox and Steve Helgeson | Jerry Kollross, coach

Team results: 8th overall


Nick Adams and Connor Meloy | Jerry Kollross, coach

Team results: 4th overall 


Matthew Brady and Sarah Wienke | LaNette Flunker, coach

Team results: 6th overall

Pi Sigma Epsilon - Pro-Am-Sell-A-Thon 2016-2017

Regionals: 2nd Place: Somer Soli.

Nationals: To be determined.

Schlumberger Sales Challenge


Internal Competition (Eau Claire)

1st Place: Amanda Bower and Michaela Perz

2nd Place: Jake Audorff and Kevin Henslin

3rd place: Jordan Fredricks and Jake Vaughn 

Final Round Competition (Houston)

1st Place: Amanda Bower and Michaela Perz


Internal Competition (Eau Claire)

1st Place: Dwight Mills and Christian Kittleson

2nd Place: Maddie Ouellette and Austin Samsa

3rd Place: Meagan Brown and Emily Glassco

Final Round Competition (Houston)

3rd Place: Dwight Mills and Christian Kittleson. | Dr. Bob Erffmeyer, coach.

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