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Competition Results

The UW-Eau Claire Sales Team has taken home numerous awards from competitions around the U.S. Their results are posted below, in addition to our internal competition results. 

Perfect Pitch September

1st Place - Allie Russell & Connor Smith, 2nd Place - McKenna Lamers & Ryan Mielke, 3rd Place - JJ Szot

Great Northwoods Sales Warm Up

Aarianna Sikkink, Nolan Hoppe & JJ Szot | Alternates Adam Freitag, Maggie Winter, Ayden Bernstein & Allie Russell Coach, Melaney Barba

November Northwestern Mutual Challenge

Winner - Nolan Hoppe

Aflac Brag Off

Zach Szopa & Adam Freitag were the winners

December Hilti Challenge

Zach Szopa was the winner with JJ Szot & Wyatt Schleif taking 2nd

International Collegiate Sales Competition (ICSC)

Adrianna Gianopoulos & Wyatt Schleif - Sales Competition | Brooke Quimby & Blake Ruff for Case Management and Sidney Gullickson for Speed Selling

Coach, Melaney Barba

Redbird National Sales Competition at Illinois State University

Wyatt Schleif, Adrianna Gianopoulos, Blake Ruff, Brooke Quimby, Sidney Gullickson | Coach, Melaney Barba

University of Toledo Invitational Sales Competition (UTISC)

JJ Szot, Logan Sullivan, Adam Freitag | Coach, Dr. Lenita Davis

CONGRATULATIONS to JJ for taking first in the Junior Division!!

NCSC at Kennesaw State

Wyatt Schleif, Nolan Hoppe, Connor Smith | Coach, Melaney Barba

CONGRATULATIONS to Wyatt for placing 5th overall out of 135 competitors! CONGRATULATIONS to the UWEC Sales Team for placing 6th overall!!

Twin Cities Collegiate Sales Competition

Sales Team took 5th Place

Team consisted of Zach Szopa, Leo Ehrenberg, Brock Zukowski, Chayse Earney, Adrianna Gianopoulos, Aarianna Sikkink, Merrick Wales, and JJ Szot

Coach, Dr. Lenita Davis

March Needs ID and Presentation Challenge

Blugold Sales Challenge Spring 2023

1st Place - Adrianna Gianopoulos, 2nd Place - Wyatt Schleif, 3rd Place - Brock Zukowski, 4th Place - Hugh Olson, 5th Place - Rustin Lawrence


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