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Showcase your leadership

Each year at the annual Center for Health Administration and Aging Services Excellence (CHAASE) Spring Banquet, each of the HCAD residency students present on one of their three leadership projects. These projects fall into three categories: Internal Operations, External Relationships, Customer Service and Innovative. The students demonstrate via posters how they selected a challenge to tackle at their site, planned the measuring and implementation of their project, led their team throughout the project, and developed recommendations for future success.

Below, we've included samples of leadership project posters for each category including Internal Operations, External Relationships, Customer Service and Innovative. The posters shown here are the past year's winners to give you a taste of the great work HCAD students do every day at their residency sites to enhance the delivery of care and quality of life for residents. For additional student leadership projects, check out our Facebook page.

Internal Operations

2023 Winner

Veterans Home Poetry Project (Clark)

2023 Finalists

Safety Committee (Brown)

STTS: The Stoplight Training Tracking System (Lynch)

External Relationships

2023 Winner

Using Our "Third Eye" to Reduce Re-Hospitalizations (Peterson)

2023 Finalists

Community Connections (Auger)

Dementia Care Solutions (Okreglicki)

Customer Service

2023 Winner

Transportation Needs Answered (VandenHeuvel)

2023 Finalists

Patient Advocate Program (Carlucci)

Creating a More Homelike Environment by Eliminating Overhead Paging (Haanstad)

Innovative Award

2023 Winner

Friendly Fallers: Modernizing Fall Prevention (Beckfield)

2023 Finalists

HEAR WI: Improving Access to Audiology Services for Seniors (Painter)

A Unique Winter Experience (Puls)

Scents of Memories: Exploring the Therapeutic Benefits of Aromatherapy for Dementia Care (Shackelford)


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