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Garfield Avenue project affects travel on lower campus.

The project is expected to be completed in fall 2018, and the footbridge will be closed from late May to late August in both 2017 and 2018.

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The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Center for Health Administration and Aging Services Excellence (CHAASE) was established in 2000 to serve the ever-changing health care needs of the upper Midwest. CHAASE supports the UW-Eau Claire health care administration program through financial and programming assistance.


To be a national leader focusing on the profession of health administration and aging services.


To provide guidance and support to the education of tomorrow's leaders and serve as a bridge connecting academic programs to practitioners in the health administration and aging services field in partnership with the UWEC Health Care Administration Program.


Goals encompass three broad areas: Academic Quality, National Presence and Partnerships, and Fund Development.

Academic Quality

By academic year end 2014/15:

  • Establish good measures to use for the prioritized stakeholders
  • Make exceptional progress with the self-study for NAB re-accreditation
  • Pay attention to the broadening scope of the Health Services Executive.

By year end 2017:

  • Utilize, improve and share established metrics with a broader public audience of stakeholders
  • Continue to advance proactive curriculum and pedagogical changes to both raise the standard and stay abreast with the changing needs of the senior care administrative field
  • Maintain both the quality and quantity of the program.

Key activities

  • Adopt an understanding of the key stakeholders who are interested in the quality of our program. An initial prioritization is listed below:
  1. Prospective students/parents
  2. Current students
  3. Employers
  4. Graduates/Alumni
  5. College of Business/UW-Eau Claire
  6. Donors.
  • Develop a dashboard of metrics that are meaningful to each of these key stakeholders that are measurable, obtainable, and usable.
  • Formalize a process to utilize baseline data to set the benchmark and future quality improvement efforts will be measured against this including admission/retention, assurance of learning outcomes and other data.
  • Conduct various survey(s)
  • Maintain/obtain NAB accreditation.
National Presence and Partnerships

By academic year end 2014/15:

  • Leverage and publicize existing university relationships with the CHAASE
  • Maintain and identify additional opportunities of partnership with various associations
  • Develop and adopt a strong public relations program.

By year end 2017:

  • Established CHAASE as a national resource for the development of senior care educational programs
  • Maintain a high level of visibility with national activities that raise the standard with a focus on leveraging educational and association partnerships
  • Advance national administrative and public policy influence with research and publications.

Key activities

  • Identify strategic partnerships with existing Universities to promote influence priorities:University of Minnesota,University of Wisconsin-Madison,University of Pittsburgh, George Washington University, and other NAB accredited universities.
  • Connect with existing association and agency relationships to jointly identify complimentary, mutually beneficial and shared activities, such as NAB and ACHCA, AUPHA, Leading Age and AHCA, state and national expressions, and NIC.
  • Produce an annual report supplemented with quarterly newsletters and social media expressions for both internal and external audiences.
Fund Development

By academic year end 2014/15: 

  • Develope 'value propositions' and giving programs for vendors and alumni 
  • Continue progress with key donor contacts
  • Reach the 75% mark on the Call to Lead campaign.

By year end 2017:

  • Complete the $2.5 million Call to Lead campaign to support activities that help raise the standard for the profession Funded a CHAASE endowment fund
  • Create an annual giving campaign to help sustain CHAASE and ongoing program activities.

Key activities

  • Continue efforts to connect with partnering organizations and other friends of the program
  • Continue efforts to connect with individuals (alumni) who have the capacity to support CHAASE
  • Complete the campaign's building relocation fundraising needs
  • Begin efforts to reach alumni and vendors in a more organized and effective manner. 

* A previous goal of growth has been achieved, and is now embedded within other areas of the plan to make sure that we continue to keep a level of program and CHAASE awareness going forward.

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