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A feminist space for all

The Intersectional Women's Center provides an educational and activist gathering space for all and supports those with intersectional and marginalized identities. The IWC is an antiracist center whose mission is strongly informed by Women of Color Feminism. It provides UWEC’s campus with many opportunities in keeping with its educational mission.


  • Designing educational programming in the form of a non-credit bearing curriculum related to intersectional feminism, issues affecting women of color at UWEC, and decolonizing gender and sexuality. 
  • Consulting on course content and for campus groups to build an understanding of systemic oppressions and a critical vocabulary to describe how these systems affect marginalized individuals within the intersections of sexism, misogyny, and race alongside other forces like colonialism, xenophobia, ageism, transphobia, ableism, homophobia, and classism.  
  • Providing seminars for student, faculty, staff, and community groups to explore racial, ethnic, and cultural identities from a feminist perspective through readings and conversations. 


  • Providing community-building and intellectual engagement resources that respect the lived experiences of people of color within a predominantly White campus community. 
  • Offering high-impact practices like internships, work study opportunities, and community teach-ins in collaboration with campus groups. 
  • Conducting institutional research and information-sharing related to campus policies, procedures, and complaint reviews in collaboration with the gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality concerns of other UWEC offices and groups. 


  • Transforming research and engagement in intersectional feminism into activism that transforms the campus experience for all. 
  • Supporting students and campus organizations in using knowledge in intersectional feminism and a critical vocabulary to change systems and structures of oppression. 
  • Connecting faculty, staff, students, and the Eau Claire community through feminist network-building and organizing with an interest in feminist advocacy and intervention as needs demand. 
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