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Intersectional Womxn's Center

A home for all

The Womxn Uniting and Fighting (WUF) coalition is advocating the creation of an Intersectional Womxn's Center, a center that is a community for those with intersectional and marginalized identities. The Center is anti-racist and will:

  • Provide programming based on educational and decolonizing gender content
    • Producing educational, decolonizing gender content that is attuned to the intersections of sexism and misogyny with racism and other systems of oppression (e.g. xenophobia, ageism, transphobia, ableism, homophobia, classism).
    • Producing programming focusing on the particular intersections affecting womxn of color at UWEC.
  • Help students explore their racial, ethnic, and cultural identities through readings and conversations
  • Help students share their lived experiences at a predominantly white campus community
    • “Through the creation of a supportive community of womxn, students will have the ability to explore their racial, ethnic, and cultural identities, share lived experiences, and discuss what it means to be womxn of color in our predominantly white campus community” (Women’s Resource and Action Center, the University of Iowa).
  • Help students organizing for a transformative campus experience
    • Build a cohort of students that have an intersectional understanding of systemic oppressions and a critical vocabulary to describe how these systems specifically affect womxn at UWEC. 
    • Create a “critical mass” of students, faculty, and staff to help justify and assist in efforts to claim the physical space of an Intersectional Womxn’s Center at UWEC where continued, high-impact programming can continue once campus resumes in-person format.

For more information, please see this document.

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