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UW-Eau Claire supports race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality studies

Students in REGSS are eligible for different department awards, along with the general scholarship funds offered through the Foundation. See the named awards below for details, as well as more information about how to apply for the more general Foundation scholarships available to students in REGSS.

Designated REGSS awards and scholarships

  • Alisha F. Barcelo Memorial Scholarship
  • Chandra Talpade Mohanty Award
  • Donna C. Turell Award
  • Helen X. Sampson Award
  • Mickey Crothers Creative Expressive Award
  • Social Justice Scholarship
  • Tillie Olsen Award
  • WGSS - LGBTQ+ Equity Award
  • WGSS Outstanding Student Award
  • WGSS Rising Star Award

Learn about more awards and scholarships

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