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It's your future — dig in

Study after study shows that involved students are successful students — it's a fact. Armed with this information, UW-Eau Claire has dedicated itself to offering Blugolds the most impactful opportunities to learn and grow, as both students and citizens. These opportunities include some of our highest institutional priorities like undergraduate research, study abroad, scholarships and internships; they also include more student centered and interpersonal experiences like a multitude of student organizations.

The point is that your life as a Blugold is meant to be as full as it can be. You will stretch yourself to new boundaries and maybe past your comfort zone, but that is how real growth occurs. There are no limits here to the ways in which students can reach their highest potential. Check out some of the options below and to the left for more details about how to fill your days here with lasting connections and your student experience with meaningful memories.

Professors Nicole Schultz and Rose-Marie Avin with student and award.


The unique opportunities for interdisciplinary research that are available to students in REGSS can help open doors to future careers, as well as enriching the overall undergraduate experience.

Learn more about research
Intern at AIDS Resource Center


Learning on the job
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