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Let’s have a conversation about assimilation

Our immersion programs are a great way to take in and understand information about other cultures. The impact of these experiences is something we cannot replicate in a classroom. If you take the opportunity to participate in cultural immersion you can learn a great deal more, not only about another culture, but about yourself in the process. The cultural immersion programs at UWEC explore many different races, genders, and cultures – find one that may interest you!

Immerse yourself

San Francisco, Castro District

Film seminar heads for the Golden Gate

A group of UW-Eau Claire students embark today on a travel seminar that will take them to the Frameline Film Festival, the world’s largest international queer film fest in San Francisco, where they will create films.

Find out what they did
UW-Eau Claire students on the winter 2015 Civil Rights Pilgrimage learn the important role African-Americans played in the Union's Civil War victory during a visit to the Vicksburg National Military Park.

The North-South battle

At the Vicksburg National Military Park in Vicksburg, Alabama, UW-Eau Claire students learn that the fight for civil rights has been a pursuit from the time the first African was brought to the United States and sold into slavery.

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