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Infinite opportunities

Go farther than you ever expected to go. Through studying abroad, working with a faculty member on research, landing your first internship, immersing yourself in a culture different than your own, making new friends through a student organization or being awarded a scholarship, your college experience is just getting started. These different experiences allow you to become prepared for life beyond college. So what are you waiting for? See what you can get involved in today!

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Riveting research

Want a way to get more experience outside of the classroom? Then research may be the perfect thing. Check out what’s currently going on and the benefits that come with it.

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Psychology Club 2015

Psychology student organizations

Getting involved in student organizations allows you to explore your psychology passion further while also making life-long friendships. Stop waiting and sign up today!

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Where will you go?

Going abroad means stepping foot in another country and learning how the locals learn. You’ll be able to explore around the world while also getting your education. Every Blugold says the same thing, studying abroad is priceless! So why wait to travel?

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Cash in on your hard work

All of your hard work can pay off. Through our various scholarships, our dedicated and high achieving students can ease the stress of paying for college.

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Redefining norms

Immerse yourself in another culture to expand your knowledge of the world surrounding you. See where in the United States and beyond you can go!

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