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Dive in to the world of memory, behaviors, development, and more through our psychology program. The department has developed intensive coursework for our students to become prepared for whatever they choose after graduation. Our dedicated faculty teaches a wide variety of courses to allow our students to become well-versed in the field.

With opportunities to work alongside a faculty member in collaborative research, intern with various organizations, join a student organization or immerse yourself abroad or in the United States in another culture, we make sure you're able to experience it all. Many of our students go on to graduate school or to work at schools, nonprofits, or various companies. Have we sparked your interest yet? If so, let's get you started in the world of psychology!

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Our two majors and one minor are rigorous, intensive, and ensure our students get the education they deserve. Choose between psychology or behavior analysis and get your degree going.

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School psychology graduate program

Interested in helping children and working in an educational setting? Then get your Educational Specialist degree in school psychology. You’ll develop expertise in mental health, learning and behavior to promote positive outcomes for children and youth.

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