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Beneficial programming

Our mission at UW-Eau Claire is to build our students up while also building the community up. Through the Campus Autism Program (CAP), we are able to bring psychology students and children with autism or related pervasive developmental disorders and their families together. This allows students to get hands-on teaching experience, while also offering intensive behavioral intervention for the child.

UW-Eau Claire introduced me to the field of behavior analysis. Through interning at the Campus Autism Program (CAP), I found a passion for working with children with developmental delays. CAP provided me with a career path and my best friends.

Kaitlin Sukowaty Behavior Analysis

Services we provide

  • Cooperation and attending/focusing skills
  • Language assessment and development
  • Functional assessment for problem behavior
  • Direct instruction for language and learning
  • Teaching skills to achieve fluency
  • Play and social skills
  • Daily documentation of progress

More information

If you’re a community member looking to see if you can enroll your child in this program, or you’re a student interested in participating and need to know how to get involved, please contact Dr. Kevin Klatt,

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