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Immerse yourself

As a Blugold, you are encouraged to immerse yourself into another culture to learn more about the world that’s not necessarily in your backyard. These faculty-led experiences can go all over the United States, coastal islands and beyond. Immersion programs last anywhere from a week to a full semester, but the impact they’ll leave will last a lifetime.

Learning on immersion in Nicaragua

Examples of immersion programs

  • Embracing the Somali Experience in Midwestern Public Schools (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota)
  • Civil Rights Pilgrimage (Alabama, Arkansas, New Orleans, Louisiana)
  • Cultural Identity in Louisiana
  • Hmong Cultural Practices and Ceremonial Immersion (Fresno, California)
  • Yosemite National Park: A Sacred Land
  • Sports Sciences and Kinesiology in Japan
  • Hmong Studies in Thailand
  • Social and Environmental Justice Experience to Guatemala
  • Women's Lives and Experiences in Nicaragua
  • Globalization in China
  • Culture, Society and Economics in Argentina


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