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Do you want to learn beyond the classroom and grasp every opportunity you can while at UW-Eau Claire? Participating in research, being a part of a student organization or having an internship allows you to do just that. With different opportunities bursting at the seams here, we’re excited to help lead you on the path towards involvement. You will find your experiences to be life-changing, priceless and worth every minute.

The encouragement and support from professors within political science builds strong relationships which not only last beyond the end of an undergraduate career, but provide valuable opportunities—such as student-faculty collaborative research, independent study, as well as presenting at the Midwest Political Science Association—which encourages continued learning and builds those analytical and creative skills which make our students strong candidates for both graduate studies and their respective choice of career.

Audrey Mulliner | political science
Grab an internship at the career fair

Political science internships

What’s the best way to try a career out? Interning! If there’s a company, firm or office you’re interested in working for, chances are they have an internship for you. Get hands-on experience while deepening your knowledge of you field of choice.

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Students go abroad for research

Political science research

While learning within the classroom, many students are seeking more opportunities to learn in a different environment. Doing student-faculty collaborative research allows you to enhance research skills, as well as learn more about political science.

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Students recruiting for organizations

Political science student orgs

Jump right in and get involved. Be a delegate in our Model United Nation’s organization or hang out with students who also want to become lawyers. No matter what you choose, you’ll find your home in one of our organizations.

How do I join?
Dr. Peterson with scholarship winners

Political science scholarships

One question students ask right away when considering higher education is “how do I pay for college?” If you work hard and love what you’re doing, our political science scholarships can make the answer to that question easier than you think.

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