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Finding incredible opportunities during your time at UWEC is an easy feat. While being in the criminal justice program you’ll have the chance to do internships with local police departments, justice centers and more. You can take time to study abroad in various countries, work closely with a faculty member on collaborative research or travel to an inner-city to immerse yourself in a culture unlike your own. You can embrace one of these opportunities or as many as you like. To put it simply — your journey goes far beyond the classroom.

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Incredible internships

Take strides toward your career by stepping into an intern role at a sheriff’s department, a juvenile justice center or a United States secret service office. With the skills you develop, your passion for this field will only grow stronger.

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Research cyberbullying with Dr. Patchin

Criminal justice research

Have you been wanting to collaborate more closely with a faculty member? Maybe you’ve been wanting to study something no one else really has? If so, start considering research within the criminal justice program. Learn more about what you can do.

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The Lee Dahlgren Scholarship

Through the generous donation of a UWEC criminal justice alum and his family, we are fortunate to have a scholarship to offer our criminal justice students. Check it out if you’re looking for some financial assistance.

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Hang with the cops for a night

Criminal justice student organizations

If you’re looking to further your criminal justice knowledge outside of the classroom, then look no further. The Criminal Justice Association can help you network, volunteer and do student research.

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