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You've graduated, what's next?

Our criminal justice grads go on to do pretty amazing things. Whether it be a police officer in Wisconsin to working in investigative services or to earning their doctorate in criminal justice, our students show no limits to what they can do.

What are UWEC graduates doing with their criminal justice degrees?

  • Probation and Parole Agent
  • Investigations Service, United States Office of Personnel Management
  • Office of District Attorney, Victim/Witness Assistance Program
  • Case Worker, Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Police Officer, Detective Bureau
  • Juvenile Justice Intake Officer
  • EEO Counselor, U.S. Immigrations
  • Lawyer
  • Surveillance Investigator, Treasure Island
  • Insurance Claim Representative, State Farm Mutual Insurance
  • Police officer with the City of Fitchburg, WI
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