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You've graduated, what's next?

Our criminal justice grads go on to do pretty amazing things. Whether it be a police officer in Wisconsin to working in investigative services or to earning their doctorate in criminal justice, our students show no limits to what they can do.

The program did a tremendous job informing me of the multiple facets of the criminal justice system. With the guidance and support of the professors, I am now pursuing my Ph.D. in criminal justice and criminology.

Sou Lee Criminal Justice

What are UWEC graduates doing with their criminal justice degrees?

  • Probation and Parole Agent
  • Investigations Service, United States Office of Personnel Management
  • Office of District Attorney, Victim/Witness Assistance Program
  • Case Worker, Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Police Officer, Detective Bureau
  • Juvenile Justice Intake Officer
  • EEO Counselor, U.S. Immigrations
  • Lawyer
  • Surveillance Investigator, Treasure Island
  • Insurance Claim Representative, State Farm Mutual Insurance
  • Police officer with the City of Fitchburg, WI
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