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Being the largest interdisciplinary program at the university is something we pride ourselves on. Our dedicated faculty focuses on the liberal arts foundation that prepares our students for a variety of paths following graduation. Some choose law school, graduate-level work in criminology and criminal justice or go the route of a career at the local, state or federal levels in law enforcement, corrections and court related agencies. Sound interesting to you? Let us help you get started.

Criminal Justice Mission Statement

The Criminal Justice Program prepares students to interact with and appreciate the work of diverse individuals within a variety of professional settings. Students can pursue a Bachelor’s of Arts or Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice, equipping them with the knowledge and analytic tools critical for success in many justice-related professions, including in law enforcement, the courts, correctional institutions and other social service areas.

Justin Patchin working with a student

Criminal justice faculty

Ever wonder who's teaching courses in the criminal justice department? Want to get to know us a little before classes begin? Check out our profiles and get excited!

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Criminal justice major

Prepare for a career in local, state or federal law enforcement, corrections or court related agencies through this undergraduate program. This comprehensive major makes you familiar with the complex nature of the American criminal justice system.

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