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Physics and Astronomy Academic Offerings

Physics and Astronomy Majors and Minors

Thing big picture? So does physics. Physics students tend be the kind of people who want to know how nature fundamentally works, and enjoy thinking about big problems and asking questions. From atomic physics or nuclear physics to the workings of the cosmos as a whole, your studies as a major or minor in physics will allow you to think critically and conduct research that works for the benefit of humanity.

Whether your career goals are in engineering, aeronautics, medicine, emerging energies, or teaching, a degree in physics from UW-Eau Claire will be the best possible start. Our tireless and dedicated faculty will give you a solid base in critical thinking, the experimental process, research methodology and overall problem solving that will serve you extremely well in any chosen field.

The physics and astronomy department offers the following programs:

  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of the computer interfacing and data acquisition software package LabVIEW. This certificate is available to both students and engineers in local and regional industries.

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  2. Explore ideas of space, time, matter, energy and radiation to better understand the physical sciences. Find your niche in areas such as aeronautics, medicine, product safety or emerging energies with the help of dedicated faculty.

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  3. Designed for those interested in working in industrial and engineering environments, our applied physics program focuses on the up-and-coming technology areas of energy and nanotechnology. Learn about the engineering design process, develop advanced laboratory techniques and gain knowledge of mathematical modeling.

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  4. Start your journey toward becoming an engineer. Graduates earn a bachelor's degree in physics from UW-Eau Claire and a bachelor's degree in engineering from an approved engineering school.

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  5. Interested in becoming an engineer? Explore UW-Eau Claire's pre-engineering curriculum and take the next step toward your career.

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  6. Combine your passions for science, physics and education with a bachelor's degree in teaching - science, physics emphasis. Use state-of-the-art instrumentation, conduct research alongside faculty and hear from experts in the field — all while learning how to best teach science classes, especially physics, to grades 4-12.

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Since I have become a physics major, I have been greeted with open doors and smiles. Every professor here is willing to help no matter if it is a class they are teaching or not. This has made for a great atmosphere and shows that the professors care about you.

Nokoma Kohl-Blomsness Applied Physics

If you are interested in declaring or changing your major to physics, please contact the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the information provided below. If you are interested in pre-engineering with a physics emphasis, our expert faculty and advisors can also assist you with that plan.

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