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Beyond book learning

Take a thorough look at what you know and then leap into the wilderness of human understanding. Research will enrich your education as you investigate the past, uncover new evidence, delve deeply into the theories of those who've gone before and develop your own theories to push back the frontiers of thought.

Doing my own research with Dr. Sean McAleer was the turning point in my education. UWEC is exemplary in this matter — it is so easy for students to get research and career experience while they are in their studies. The philosophy department was especially willing to support student research.

Nathaniel Taylor Philosophy
Dr. Liz Glogowski with students in materials science lab

Undergraduate research

Only one master's level university is rated #1 in the country for student-faculty collaborative research — UW-Eau Claire. For research, presentation and publication experiences normally reserved for grad students, set yourself apart as a scholar here.

Tops in undergrad research
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