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An internship may be directly related to your future career, a convenient method of trying out a job to see if it fits, or more tangential — a complement to your studies that offers a different perspective. Either way, an internship will give you a taste of the working world and make a great talking point in interviews.

For example, philosophy majors and minors can participate in an internship at Memorial High School, co-teaching a philosophy class. This experience is a 1-3 credit course, PHIL 498, and you must be a sophomore or above and have departmental consent to participate. 

Interested? Visit career services on campus, or log in to Handshake to search for listings.

Sales intern at construction site


Internships are a great way to learn more about your chosen academic field. When you become a student at UWEC you will be provided with countless resources and opportunities to aid you in finding a internship that’s the right for you.

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