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Beyond the classroom

There is so much more to the UW-Eau Claire experience than just books and lectures. As a philosophy or religious studies major, you have access to countless opportunities to enrich your learning.

  • Go in-depth on your learning by participating in student research. It’s a proud tradition at UW-Eau Claire.
  • Step off campus and into an internship to add real-world experience to your studies.
  • Push back the walls of the classroom and expand your horizons with national student exchange and study abroad.
  • Join a student organization to share your interests, get help with your studies, level up on your socializing and expand your networks.
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Study Abroad + National Student Exchange

The world is both bigger and smaller than imagination might tell you. Experience the reality when you study abroad. Find the commonalities across cultures, and explore the vast gulf of difference. This is worth the effort.

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Internships will give you hands-on experience in your chosen field of study, add to your resume, and give you a lasting advantage in your future career path.

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Student research presentations

Research in the department of philosophy

Philosophy and religious studies students participate in a rich variety of research with faculty mentors and independently. Investigate the options, then plan to participate in one of UW-Eau Claire's proudest traditions — undergraduate student research.

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