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Mathematics Academic Offerings

Mathematics Majors and Minors

Studying mathematics opens up possibilities for the future that you may not have considered. And no matter which major you’re pursuing, this department is a community that welcomes anyone. Advance your knowledge in mathematics through rigorous courses taught by expert faculty members who care about your success. Explore what you can do with math at UW-Eau Claire.

The mathematics department offers the following programs:

  1. Much more than number crunchers, actuarial science graduates help businesses grow, provide value to their customers and play a critical role in strategic decision making.

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  2. Learn the science of storing, extracting, organizing, analyzing, interpreting and using biological data with a bachelor's degree in bioinformatics.

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  3. Designed with input from industry leaders and fully online. Start pursuing your master of science in data science now and enter the growing, in-demand field of data science.

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  4. Turn your mathematical interests and talents into a successful career with a mathematics bachelor's degree.

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  5. Uncover answers to fascinating mathematical questions with the mathematics - research emphasis bachelor's degree.

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  6. Explore careers in business, industry, statistics, data science, engineering, operations research, optimization or quality improvement with a bachelor's degree in statistics and applied mathematics.

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  7. Combine your passions for math and education with a teaching - mathematics bachelor's degree. Completion of the program licenses you to teach all math courses to students in grades 4-12.

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The math department became my home, my classmates became my family and my professors became my friends. We worked together to collaborate, achieve and succeed. Anyone can be good at math, so jump in feet first and don't be afraid to fall — because someone will be there to pick you back up. As an alumnus, I can tell you that you are going to miss it, so enjoy the time you have at UWEC. When you are there, be there. The rest of the world can wait its turn.

Alexa Syryczuk Statistics and Applied Math
Students learning at Math Retreat Day.

Get the most out of math

If you love math, then you should seriously consider the Mathematics Departmental Honors Program. This opportunity gives Blugolds access to additional experiences outside of the usual coursework.

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Sonia Kovalevsky Day group photo

Sonia Kovalevsky Day

Sonia Kovalevsky Day aims to introduce middle and high school young women to opportunities available in math and science by creating fun and exciting experiences through workshops, plenary talks, panel discussions and a math competition.

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