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Math Springboard

Have you placed into Math 10 or Math 20?

Our Math Springboard Program may be for you! If you have placed into Math 10 Math 20, pre-college math courses, these 4 credits do count for being a full-time student and towards your GPA. Financial aid covers the tuition for this course in same way it covers other classes you take in the fall. But these 4 credits will not count towards the 120 credits you need for graduation. However, you can be confident that we've designed our curriculum to meet you where you're at and prepare you for the transition to college.

This program will prepare you to test out of Math 20 before beginning your college journey in the fall and allow you instead to start the semester in a 100 level math and/or science course.

What are the benefits of the program - why should I participate?

  • Stay on track - having the option to test of out Math 20 will make it easier to graduate in four years.
  • Early move in - move into the residence hall early (August 27), a huge perk!
  • Sneak peak of college life - get an introduction to college the week before classes start! This program includes math instruction and engaging, peer-led activities to help you connect with fellow classmates.

What is the cost?

  • $200 - includes both the online summer component (required) with tutoring and professor support, and living expenses for the late August component (required) that involves face-to-face instruction on campus. So we do know the way to your heart - this cost includes meals from August 27-30.

What are the course components? (First three required!)

  • Online (July 1 - August 15) - work from the convenience of your own home with online office hours and online tutoring. Students can anticipate spending 1-2 hours per day on math assignments.
  • Face-to-face instruction (August 27-30) - Students will meet with a math professor and fellow Blugolds on the UW-Eau Claire campus for review sessions.
  • Take Springboard exam (August 31)
  • Fall (Attention nursing majors) - pre-nursing students will take two classes together in the fall—Chemistry 105-6 and Nursing 213.

What is expected of program participants?

    Participants in the program will:

  • Work several times per week over the summer (July 1-August 15) on the online course material.
  • Communicate with the program professor, Dr. Scholze, regarding questions or concerns with the online content.
  • Attend the program's on-campus instruction (August 27-30).
  • Take the Springboard exam on August 31.
  • Take at least one of Math 104, 106, 109, 201, 202, 246 or Chem 105-6 upon successful completion of the program.
  • Take Nursing 213.001 in the fall semester if feasible with student’s schedule (for pre-nursing majors only).

Be sure to enroll in Math Springboard by the June 28 deadline, but be aware that spaces might fill before then.

Questions? Contact Alex Smith, Chair, Mathematics department

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