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Bridging the way to college math

Are you eager to complete the math or chemistry you need in college, but your high school math skills could use a refresher? Our Math Springboard Program may be for you!

Springboard is an intensive summer mathematics bridge program designed to help first-year students prepare for college-level math and chemistry. This program offers you an opportunity to review mathematical concepts you might be rusty on or fill in some gaps in mathematical knowledge that you may have missed, so that you can move forward with the mathematics and/or science classes in your degree pathway, sooner.

Who should participate in the Math Springboard Program?

Springboard is designed for students who place into Math 10 or Math 20, as well as students who place into Math 50 and who need Chem 105/106. Your advisor will inform you of your math placement at your summer orientation appointment. 

Students complete an online curriculum in July and August, and then move into the dorms early for classroom instruction before taking an exam. Students who earn a satisfactory score on the exam qualify to take Math 104, 106, 109, 201, 246, or Chem 105/106 in fall semester. Priority is given to students in STEM majors, Nursing majors, and other majors that require Chem 105/106.

How is the program structured?

There are two parts of the Math Springboard Program. Springboard participants participate in both phases:

1.  Online Phase which runs from July 8TH through August 16TH.  
2.  On-campus Phase which starts with early move-in in late August. Dates for on campus phase are August 27TH - August 31ST.  

Questions about the program?

Please check out the FAQ below. If your question isn’t answered there, please send an email to

Math Springboard Program Overview & FAQ's, Link to Online Application, and an example On-Campus Schedule are updated below.   


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